Will Joe Biden and Socialism Win?

By | November 6, 2020

[November 6, 2020]   Yogi Berra famously said of baseball games, “It’s not over till it’s over.”  Like baseball games, the U.S. presidential election is not yet decided.  With lawsuits, recounts, and other legal actions underway to sort out the real vote count, it’s hard to be optimistic about our country’s direction.  Joe Biden may eventually be president of the United States.  If so, socialism wins.

Election polls have closed for more than two days, and the pundits have made their predictable bloviating predictions from their high perches.  Election night, it seemed that America had dodged the socialist bullet, just barely.  Make no mistake about it, socialism was on the ballot and proved to be enticing to the electorate.

Joe Biden showed that fear and darkness is an effective strategy to get votes.  I would not have believed it.  Americans love freedom, value tough leaders, and insist on trustworthiness.  Biden’s DNC party machine showed us it’s a massive force to be reckoned with and will do anything to win.

An exciting picture emerged on the day before the election about voter enthusiasm.  I saw two snapshots of YouTube videos of the final rally Biden and Trump conducted. At 10 AM, Biden’s had 2k (2 thousand) views, and Trump’s had 1.2M (1.2 million) views.  Trump surely had the motivation advantage.

Many police departments accurately predicted rioting, looting, and vandalism in the wake of this election regardless of who won or lost.  Sadly, politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Democrat leader of the House of Representatives, are encouraging this sort of behavior.  Joe Biden should immediately and forcefully condemn this violence.  Will he do it?  I don’t think he will.

Socialism is not dead.  It will take another generation of Americans to demonstrate that it is a failed system where no one benefits.  American leaders from all walks of life must make the case that socialism is a dead-end ideology that eventually destroys everything it touches.

President Trump has started the healing process by thanking voters and discouraging violence and hatred.  Can he now pull the nation together?  Can Joe Biden pull the nation together?  I think not.  Political forces will be working against the healing process that is needed now more than ever.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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33 thoughts on “Will Joe Biden and Socialism Win?

  1. Pink Cloud

    Let me be blunt. This also means Defund the Police, tax everybody making over $60,000 per year (you are defined as “rich”), gut the military, open borders, big brother government (concerned about the little things like wearing masks and ignoring the big things like foreign affairs), heavy regulation on everything, big brother looking inside your bedroom, and on and on. Like the govt you have? You will be shocked at what socialism of Biden and Harris will bring. On a side note, the K. Harris cackle is already driving me nuts.

    1. Audrey

      Excellent points, Pink Cloud. Couldn’t have said it better. You forgot a few more like legalizing hard drugs, encouraging rioting and looting, reparations for blacks, stopping fracking and oil drilling, ignoring our friends, cuddling our enemies, and overseeing the indoctrination of our kids on critical race theory.

  2. Jerome Smith

    Well written and to the point. No surprise here that I keep coming back to Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog for insights that I cannot get elsewhere.

    1. Joe the Aussie

      Jerome, yes you are right and why we all keep coming back here. But, let me add something that is also important for all to understand clearly. Socialism is a failed system. Anyone who is honest with themselves and has any basic understanding of socialism knows this too. Why would any leader adopt it, is a real mystery if they truly care for others. Let’s see where the new American administration takes their people. Cheers!

  3. Mr. T.J. Asper

    Excellent article and very informative. Now, I’m headed out to walk my dog and listen to some music.

  4. Joe Omerrod

    The real question here folks, is whether either Donald J. Trump or Joe Biden can heal the nation. Looks like neither can or are willing to do so.

    1. KenFBrown

      I disagree. Corruption must be first exposed and destroyed before healing can occur. You cannot continue to allow corruption, it is a cancer that hides and grows when not attacked.

  5. Dale Paul Fox

    I would never had guessed this outcome of an election in the most technically advanced nation in the world … and, we have known forever how to make elections secure. We chose not to do it for corruption has too long played a central role.

  6. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    Thank you. Somehow that didn’t make the news down here. I have been very busy with a work disaster and haven’t been able to dig deeply into the news, thank you for brightening my morning.

    1. Xavier Bordon

      Hi Otto, on target comment. Our right to free speech is gone with internet censoring (can’t wait for those truth reconciliation committees!), and now our right to fair elections is gone. Does anyone doubt our guns are next? Thank you, democrats. And congratulations. From this day forward Pyrrhic victories will be known as Biden victories.

  7. Rowen Tabernackle

    Losing is not winning. We all lose. We lose faith in elections, faith in government, faith in laws. This is not winning. This is losing on a grand scale.

  8. Doug Smith

    Another enjoyable article on a tough subject. Thanks. Whoever gets elected, let’s honor their position even if we disagree with them. If your candidate did not get elected, work harder next time.

    1. Len Jakosky

      I disagree, dishonesty must be cut out. Otherwise it grows and grows and takes us over and the USA becomes another Banana Republic.

  9. Maureen S. Sullivan

    Let’s all be honest. Joe Biden might become officially president but he will not be the president. He will be a figurehead only and we all know this. Anyone who believes otherwise is truly demented. Just my opinion. And, you know that opinions are like asses, we all have them.

  10. JT Patterson

    Gen. Satterfield, you’re making too much sense here. Logic, you see, doesn’t matter much today. Only what you get by protesting or rioting. Is there a difference anymore?

  11. Big Al

    I’m biased. I think hard work, integrity, staying out of trouble with the law (that means no rioting), and having a good family and going to church are good things. The leftist think that compassion is more important than hard work. And for that, they call me a racist. Did I mention that working hard is not being racist. Hmmmmmmmm.

  12. Eric Coda

    Great article, Gen. Satterfield. Thanks. I will add that it does look like a Biden win. Why? Because that is what the media, Hollywood types, and liberal leftists want. Will he be a good president. Of course not and everybody with a brain knows that. The worse thing we can do is to lie to ourselves and that is what many folks are doing right now. Get your head out of your a$$ and think. That is what this website is about – thinking – and why I keep coming back here and commenting. Think for yourselves people, don’t be a mental slave to the media.

    1. Sadako Red

      You tell ’em, Eric. I’m afraid, just like most people have zero savings for a rainy day, they will do and say (in lockstep) with the mass media. The media easily manipulates the masses because they are taught it’s gospel.

      1. Wendy Holmes

        Hi “RED”, great to see you are on Gen. Satterfield’s leadership website. We all are looking forward to your next article and your next subject. I hope you write more about either Baltimore or Portland, your choice. Either one would be fun to read about and we all love your style, wit, humor, and your way with words. 👍

      2. Shawn C. Stolarz

        Yes, great to read your comments. I love your blog posts. Please post more. Thank you Sadako Red.

    2. Willie Shrumburger

      Excellent comment Eric. 😊
      Lying to ourselves is, indeed, a huge problem.
      Is lying to ourselves and others a feature of modern society? I think not.
      What can we – the little people – do about all the corruption and fraud in the election process?
      Riot? No. Loot? No. What can we do to get the political establishment’s attention?

      1. Dead Pool Guy

        Willie, you are spot-on with that comment. Keep them rolling in. Folks should be reading this forum today for insights.

  13. Max Foster

    This is the ‘question of the decade.’ Will Joe Biden be president? After a lackluster campaign, gross cheating at the ballot box, hyper fake news, biased polling results, and the standard leftist tactic of riots, looting, burning, and assault on folks, who knows what comes next.

    1. José Luis Rodriguez

      — and there is the expectation by big tech and Hollywood, that they should get their WOKE wishes. What else would they want under their Christmas Tree (oh, I’m not woke because I wrote “Christmas”, how uncivilized and barbaric of me — snark/).

    2. Dennis Mathes

      Good point Max and we all appreciate the bit of humor as well. I cannot imagine a nation like ours that is so advanced that can’t get an election right. Must be an awful lot of institutional corruption taking place.

    3. Tom Bushmaster

      Now we know why Biden only had 10-12 people at his “rallies:” each one got to vote 100K times.

      1. old warrior

        It defies the laws of statistics that in every single instance in which ballots have seemingly been “found” they invariably fall in favor of the Democrats. I suspect you know this, but like the good party apparatchik you are you’re singing for your supper right now. Now, go kick their ass.


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