Minneapolis Mayor is a Patsy

By | August 2, 2018

[August 2, 2018]  I was on my way home to Washington, D.C. from a Sunday morning, going-to-church wedding in Minneapolis, Minnesota when I heard about a sad story.  You see, there was a young 31-year old black man who was killed by police (happened the day I was there) because he had a gun, was wildly shooting it in a black neighborhood, failed to obey police commands when confronted and told to drop the gun, and then shot at least once at police officers trying to arrest him.  The story is not sad because the man was killed by police, as tragic as any death is and despite his extensive criminal record, but because another big city mayor is being a patsy and setting up his city for even more violence.  I’m dedicating today’s article to all you wimpy, PC-crowd, logic-retarded folks who think you are morally superior to us “basket of deplorables.”TM  This is all about Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey who recently showed us how a politician could be, enthusiastically and with planned forethought, a pawn for extremist in his city.

Ancient Greek philosopher Antisthenes once wrote that it was important to “pay attention to your enemies, for they are the first to discover your mistakes.”  And I’m an enemy of a retarded-thinking Mayor Frey.  Retarded?  Yes, I do like the word “retarded” because it highlights the torturous thought process of the mayor and his echo-chamber city administration.  Does anyone there at City Hall have an original thought about this case?  Maybe I could find original thinking somewhere in the local papers or on national news or talk shows about Mayor Frey, but I couldn’t find any.  Simply, he’s an archetypal “patsy.”  The label is accurate.  What is unknown is whether he’s doing this on purpose or is just plain stupid.  Either way, he is not fit to carry out his fiduciary duties to protect and defend the fine citizens of Minneapolis.

Mayor Frey will not pay attention to me, so I’m stepping out to send him a message that he should be hearing from his advisors and his media lapdogs.  The good news is I’m about to point out, publically for all to read, his mistakes and the fact that he keeps on making them in the face of the indisputable facts the Minneapolis police officers involved in the incident.  They acted heroically and prevented the death or serious injury to the racial-minority citizens in his very own city.  Mayor Frey will not be reading this blog because it would show he has a serious desire to study the complexities of good leadership.  None of us should even blink an eye at this colossal failure of basic leadership.

So what is the problem when a leader fails to be perfectly clear about caring for those that work for him?  Why not say one thing to one group of people and something else to another group?  I think, my dear readers, this is so obvious that even the retarded-logic of the socialists who read this will understand.  Minneapolis Mayor Frey, like the true Marxist he is, believes deep down in his heart that the police force should not be using deadly force against racial minorities, that police are racists-bigots-misogynists, and that they should get on the PC bandwagon now.  He thinks it is more tragic that a violent felon in the act of committing a crime (must be a black or Hispanic) has been killed by police doing their duty than the innocent being killed by a lowlife.  But he also knows that he cannot be too obvious about it so he hem-and-haws around with meaningless, good-sounding words that make him seem empathetic to the cause of social justice.  My opinion … he’s another moron that is a patsy for those who want to destroy the community social fabric.

Author: Sadako Red

Author: Sadako Red Disclaimer: I chose the pen name Sadako Red in order to remove any notoriety reflecting on my other real job as a very senior executive in the Department of Defense. Naturally, my opinion is my opinion only and despite DoD wanting to associate with my fine work, they cannot have it. Trust me, they want it. Trust me, they can’t stand for it.

27 thoughts on “Minneapolis Mayor is a Patsy

  1. Sadako Red

    Thanks everyone for all the great comments and my growing fan club.

  2. Danny Burkholder

    What’s up with Minneapolis? Are the citizens that stupid to elect two whackos in a row as mayor?

    1. Martin Shiell

      Minneapolis, a city to avoid at all costs. If you live there, get out before your housing prices plumment and crazies are allowed to move in.

  3. Gil Johnson

    It is appropriate that we are here learning from what NOT TO DO as a leader.

  4. Anita

    Billy, you and others here are just killing me. I nearly snorted my morning coffee thru my nose when I read the article and these comments. Keep up the great works SR !!

  5. Billy Kenningston

    This Minneapolis mayor has done a great disservice to the people he swore to uphold in his oath of office. He is young but remains clueless. Hey mayor, get some balls. I think that he should not resign as some have called for (see article link) but should remain there to show how stupidity hurts us all.

    1. Bryan Lee

      Billy. This was an older article and was about the previous mayor. Same conclusion however.
      Here is the first para of the article:
      Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges stepped to the microphone Friday night to announce the latest development in the most recent killing by an area police officer — the resignation of the city’s police chief. But she only managed a few words before she was drowned out by shouts.

    2. Doug Smith

      Seems like Minneapolis has had a string of clueless mayors.

    3. Billy Kenningston

      Thanks for the correction. I prefer the words by Sadako Red, RETARDED!

  6. Ronny Fisher

    Another very entertaining and worthwhile article to read by a great man who works undercover in our nation’s capital. Keep up the great works, Sadako Red. We are all big fans of yours.

  7. Georgie M.

    More great writing by Sadako Red. SR, you sure do have a way with words and it is something I truly look forward to reading whenever I come to Gen. Satterfield’s website. Thanks. I’m a fan of yours. Keep up the great work and – like others have said – continue to undermine the “deep state.”

  8. Delf A. "Jelly"

    Well said and to the point that many politicians are starting to swing to the extremes; I think to get more attention for themselves. I don’t think they are doing it for the votes although I might be wrong.

  9. Mike Baker

    Nicely written and I’m loving your use of adjectives. I’m envious. Thanks.

  10. Kenny Foster

    Wow, I sure loved this article today. Thank you Sadako Red. Why don’t you reveal yourself? Probably because you would be fired! Good luck and keep writing. More articles are better by the way. Please let Gen. Satterfield know we want more of you.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      Kenny, I must agree with you that it is unfortunate that someone has to hide their identity so that they can identify the elephant in the room. Everyone sees the huge problems with a socialist like this mayor but few have the courage to speak out.

    2. Andrew Dooley

      Probably won’t do it. There are too many nut jobs that live in Washington DC. The area is full of folks who deny reality because it makes them popular.

  11. Dennis Mathes

    I am arguing that politicians like Mayor Frey are elitist and are looking down on us unwashed heathens spread across “flyover country.” The East and West coasts of the US are a haven for retarded-thinking and there seems little we can do to convince them that their ideology doesn’t work.

  12. Lynn Pitts

    Thanks for another great article that hits home on the silliness of many of our politicians. None of them with this socialist slant to their ideology care about the real impact of what they suggest. They just want people to love and adore them. I get the feeling that it’s more about being morally superior to everyone else.

  13. Joe the Aussie

    General Satterfield, thanks for having “Red” on for another wonderful and entertaining article. Good luck with other guest bloggers. We are all great fans of you and SR.

  14. Nick Lighthouse

    All is well whenever I hear from my son that Sadako Red has an article. I’m not always on the website but when he calls, I immediately go to the site for both great entertainment and education. You are about as non-Politically Correct as anyone I personally know. How you managed to work in the Deep State (as Pres Trump calls it) is beyond me but we are glad you are there for the undercover work.

  15. Shawn C. Stolarz

    Hi Sadako Red. I think that I may be your biggest fan although many here will dispute that assertion. I’ve been reading your articles since your first day here at General Satterfield’s website on leadership.


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