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Reading List (Update)

By | August 25, 2014

[August 25, 2014] Being a leader means reading articles and books that can go against your upbringing and training; or challenging what you already think you know. The book reviewed today is about race and the failures of programs designed to help minorities in America, particularly African-Americans. It challenges our senior leaders to open a realistic dialogue and… Read More »

Reading List (Update)

By | July 11, 2014

[July 11, 2014] The reading and study of military history is one of the pillars in a well-rounded education for military professionals. This includes both officers and enlisted personnel. This concept applies to any leader in any organization. While magazines from professional associations are helpful to see the most recent topics at hand, they also allow us a… Read More »

Army Helicopters and Indian Tribe Names

By | June 19, 2014

[June 19, 2014] As I buckled myself into the helicopter’s backseat, I joked with the young Blackhawk pilot that I probably had more hours flying in his US-60 aircraft than he did. We were flying low and fast over the city of Baghdad. That tactic got us to our destination faster and helped avoid anti-aircraft missiles. Most people… Read More »

Reading List (Update)

By | June 7, 2014

[June 07, 2014] Another good book for today. This one is about President Abraham Lincoln and his development of leadership skills during the U.S. Civil War. What I like about the book is it shows how Lincoln’s search for an effective commander of Union military forces, helped changed him during his Presidency. The book demonstrates that leadership is… Read More »

Reading List (Update)

By | May 24, 2014

[May 24, 2014] Today the two books that I am highlighting, both are on senior military leadership and character development. What is different in these books are that they focus on almost exclusively on what made our greatest American military flag officers who they are. Neither is a new book, but nonetheless, they are both worth reading …… Read More »