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By | May 14, 2014

[May 14, 2014] Only one book on my recommended reading list today but one that I received as a gift and am eternally grateful to my son who gave it to me for this past Christmas. Just turning the pages to see the grand works is a pleasure in itself. Both artistically and historically, this book is exceptional.

The-Civil-War-and-American-The Civil War and American Art by Eleanor Jones Harvey (2012)

Author Harvey has assembled a visually impressive and physically large book that addresses the transformation of a nation from agriculture to industrialization. The Civil War itself helped redefine America and also influenced its “art” in the form of paintings and photography. Art of the time showed the experiences of everyone, not just the rich … slaves, soldiers, families, communities, and the people behind the events that we can only read about today. This book is also a scholarly achievement and is well worth the price for the full hardback edition.

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