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By | November 16, 2013

[November 16, 2013]  Today, another book that I found especially interesting: 

Finding a Way to Win.  Bill Parcells 

Bill Parcells gives great advice on what it takes to be a successful leader and gain the respect of those you lead. He gives common sense advice like “never discount stupidity as a factor” and “never ask people to do things that are beyond them.” Other advice he gives that all leaders need to heed is “you always have to work harder than the people you lead” and “emphasize the obvious all the time because it’s the obvious things that beat you if you’re not careful.” The book is organized like a Dale Carnegie primer – leader virtues are listed as chapter headings, integrity, flexibility, loyalty, and so on.  Parcells with succinct vignettes, applies the ideas of “virtue” or “confidence” to day-to-day stress filled coaching (management) situations. All the virtues are needed to some degree, for a successful organization. Parcells argues that if there is consistency of purpose, top to bottom, in an organization, then the individuals can do something together that they cannot achieve individually, dominate another team, or a particular business

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