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[May 04, 2015] Up here in the Northeast we are finally getting some warm weather along with blooming flowers. This means that I’m moving my regular reading outside on the porch; harder to concentrate but worth it. I have a very special book for review today. U.S. Navy Captain (Retired) L. David Marequet’s book was a great pleasure to read and it was not difficult to get through. Largely based on Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, it’s the application of those principles that kept my attention.

Turn the Ship Around, L. David Marquet, 2012.

One of the better books I’ve read this year, Marquet does a superior job of linking reality with what we’ve heard about for so long in management theory. The book is all about empowering leadership and how to succeed. He specifically outlines how to build leaders out of followers and provides vivid examples from his tour as the commanding officer on the USS Santa Fe; a Los Angeles-class submarine. This is a how-to-book on a way to release the initiative and intellect of every member of an organization to a common purpose. Marquet’s approach is based on three legs – control, competence, and clarity – that make a Leader-Leader form of leadership that turns conventional thinking on its head. This book is a compelling story. Highly recommended.

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