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By | December 18, 2013

[December 18, 2013]  Two more books to consider reading.  I’m especially taken in with the book by Abbot on Cyrus the Great.  Perhaps it is more the lessons we can take from the great Persian leader.  Nonetheless, two worthwhile books to read.

Today, more books that I am now reading and find interesting:

Cyrus the Great by Jacob Abbott

There are a number of books and professional papers on “Cyrus the Great,” a Persian ruler who lived approximately 600-530 BC.  I have read a number of books on Cyrus II of Persia or Cyrus the Elder (both are the same man) and the historical views on him.  The reading is relevant to both military and business relationships.  Many say the lessons from Cyrus the Great is pertinent to senior leaders of all stripes. The book by Abbott uses the viewpoint of two different historians: Herodotus a philosopher and scholar (perhaps classic historian of the times) and Xenophon a general and scholar.  Both give varying descriptions of Cyrus the Great which Abbott says gives flavor to the understanding of the great Persian leader.  Recommended.

Joe Torre’s Ground Rules for Winners by Joe Torre

Joe Torre joined the New York Yankees in 1996 and was responsible for turning around this great baseball team.  The book is about Joe’s successful management philosophy; the keys of which are directly applicable to those in business, military, non-profit organizations, etc.  Joe is explicit about the value of respect, trust, communication, optimism, fairness, and how to create a “sense of family” as a way to build teamwork.  The examples used here are baseball related but are easily understood and are clear and concise.  Whether you are a baseball fan or nor, or a NYY fan or not, much can be gained from this book.  Readers will like what he writes and following his advice will help build better teams.

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