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By | December 22, 2019

[December 22, 2019]  Yesterday was the first day of Winter, and I am finally getting around to another book that leaders might consider reading.  Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner to kick off the holiday season and snow might be in the forecast.  Consider today’s selection as a possible gift to someone you respect.  Keeping up with my long-running theme that socialism is a failed ideology, a Libertarian politician, Rand Paul, has written a pretty good book supporting much of what I’ve been saying all along, with greater detail and superior logic.  Socialism’s failure is undeniable.  The famous social theorist Thomas Sowell once wrote that “Socialism, in general, has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”  These arguments remain the most damaging to the ideology, yet the attractiveness of Socialism (fairness and compassion) is also hard to ignore.

The Case against Socialism, Rand Paul, 2019

 Rand Paul is a Republican U.S. Senator from Kentucky.  He is a bit of an oddity, being of a Libertarian slant, but he has compiled a convincing, thoroughly-documented case against Socialism in his new book.  This background, however, sets the stage for what he writes.  It is undeniable that Rand Paul possesses a smart intellect.  He thinks logically, does his homework on essential issues, and can verbalize highly complex matters.  Rand Paul’s treatment of socialism is not one-sided but he takes it on with fierce studied-thoroughness.

Socialism has gained a resurgence of sorts, since the utter collapse of communism in Russia and the fall of the Berlin Wall.   Rand Paul points out the philosophical foundations of socialism (Karl Marx) and critiques it well.  Socialism, as practiced, seems always to spin off a totalitarian regime that uses force to align its citizens with the party-state.  In his book, Senator Paul sets out to critique the resurgent fashionability of socialist philosophy and, in doing so, hold it to a historical account of the 100-plus million lives that were lost as a direct result of socialism.  His book is interesting and readable.  I liked how he integrated firsthand accounts in this book from those who grew up in a socialist nation.

 Senator Paul goes after the political left for its flirtation with socialism.  Apologizing for tyrants and tin-pot dictators is a long-running pattern among Western intellectuals.  Modern-day socialists will bristle with Paul’s depiction of the ideology and why today’s version of Marxism is not better than those of the past.  He has proven a dominating critic of socialist thought, and his book is an earnest plea to take the threat socialism  presents seriously.

Overall, an outstanding book and, of course, highly recommended.

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14 thoughts on “Reading List (Update):  on Socialism

  1. Doc Blackshear

    Looks like a great book. I too will be ordering myself a copy. If it truly is a good as Gen. Satterfield notes, I will share my thoughts with folks here and share the book with my relatives.

  2. Janna Faulkner

    I picked up a copy in the Atlanta airport last week when I was traveling to New York City. Got to read most of it (a rather detailed book). Got into a discussion with a lady in first class who was somehow connected to Senator Paul and we had a wonderful conversation about how he is really a good guy. I’m happy we have people like him on our side.

    1. Fred Weber

      Lucky you, Janna. The more we all help spread the word about socialism and how it has been the accelerator that started the fire of millions of deaths, the better. Don'[t back down from the crazies that insist they know how to make it better than others who tried and failed.

      1. Harry Donner

        If only, if only … yes, I am always ready with facts about socialism to throw back onto snowflakes that would prefer a system that killed millions over a system that saved millions.

      2. Jerome Smith

        Good point but remember that those you speak to are not interested in the ‘facts.’ They are only swayed by many voices saying something that only fits their ideology. Emotion reigns. Facts are inconvenient and need to be ignored.

  3. Dead Pool Guy

    Another great book review. While this book is certainly not a deep philosophical attack on socialism, it is certainly a good start. There are others too that have attacked the neo-Marxist thinking on which socialism is based and they have also done a good job. Keep up the reviews! Please do more.

  4. Joe Omerrod

    Thank you for another book review. Actually, I would like to see more of these. I think there is about one or two book reviews every three or four months. That’s too little in my thinking. I’ve discovered that when those ‘in the know’ give us an outline of the ideas in a book, it helps folks like me to understand quicker and better. Well done, keep up the work in reviewing books (both old classics and new).

    1. Tom Bushmaster

      I agree. I really like Rand Paul as a politician. Why? He tells things like they are and doesn’t pull punches. I’m sure his new book on the downfall of socialism will be good. Odd that a politician could find the time to write on such an important topic.

      1. old warrior

        Same here but I’m not from his state of Kentucky. I like what he says — mostly anyway. I’m sure his book makes complex matters understandable. Another nail in the coffin of a terrible ideology.

    2. The Kid 1945

      Yes, Joe. This is an excellent point. There is not enough time in our lives to randomly “discover” what the great books are. We rely on a large number of people to separate the wheat from the chafe. 👍

  5. Scotty Bush

    I hope this is a good book since I ordered it based on your review, Gen. Satterfield. So far, you’ve not let us down. Thanks!

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      Ordered my copy too but on my iPad. I’ll start reading it as soon as I’m done with my webbrowsing today.

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