The FBI in Decline: Another Update

[July 6, 2021]  FBI scandals continue to pop up like Prairie Dogs on an open Texas field.  From deep-sixing of essential documents, revealing top-secret information to the media, spying on U.S. citizens without a warrant, stonewalling Congressional investigations, this dishonorable list goes on and on.  Are people finally starting to take notice?  The problem?  The FBI weaponizes investigations by targeting people that FBI leaders disagree with politically.  Such targeting is the behavior we once only found in third world nations run by strongmen dictators.  Today, its standard operating procedure, and you had better not get in their crosshairs.

Alas, the FBI has been in severe decline for at least a couple of decades.  The FBI has been coasting on its reputation for a long time.  At a minimum, I will suggest that those who can be fired within the Bureau’s leadership should be fired immediately.  The starting point is the FBI Director himself, Chris Wray.  I wrote last year that the only practical solution to correcting the significant deficiencies of the FBI would be to clean out the partisans and put new, highly aggressive, non-partisan leaders in charge.  I still believe it.  And, I still believe it because things have not only not improved at the Bureau but have gotten much worse.  Under President Biden, we have a marriage of convenience, where any investigation into the Democratic Party is derailed, and fishing expeditions are active for any political dissent.  If that sounds like the Soviet Communist Party, then you win the carousel’s brass ring.

I addressed the FBI decline in my earlier articles and why.  So I won’t repeat it here.  However, I want to nail an important issue on the bulletin board of life in the United States.  A political FBI is a great danger to every citizen.  If you are a visible American patriot, a Conservative, an active church-going Christian, or a gun owner, you will be targeted.  It matters not that you obey the law, have no criminal record, have a great job and family, or are a civic leader doing good for your community.  If you do nothing illegal, the FBI may still put you in their sights and conduct an investigation that will cost you your hard-earned reputation and maybe cost you your friends and family.  You may have to spend time in a jail cell until you are “cleared of wrongdoing.”  By that time, you are guilty, at least in the eyes of those around you.

To say the American people have lost their trust in the FBI is an understatement.  What is really scary is the DOJ will not act on any corruption in the FBI.  They are political bedfellows.  This decline began in earnest under the Obama administration and taken up in earnest again under Biden.  The method the FBI will use is to accuse you (regardless of the facts) of trying to overthrow the U.S. government by questioning voter integrity, attending a political rally, or writing an article like this one which exposes their malfeasance.  In lockstep with the media, the FBI’s partisanship is there for anyone with courage to look behind the curtain.  The U.S. media is all about deciding which facts the public should not know because they might reflect poorly upon Democrat politicians and their bedfellows in the FBI.

Author: Delf A. "Jelly" Bryce

Biography: Delf A. “Jelly” Bryce is a recently-retired senior agent of the United States’ FBI. The name used here, however, is not his real name because what he tells us might be confidential in nature (although not classified). But since he is revealing information that can be embarrassing to the FBI, he does not want to be personally identified and to harm his friends still working there. What I am allowed to say is that Agent Bryce was born in Oklahoma and is an expert shot with his service pistol.

19 thoughts on “The FBI in Decline: Another Update

  1. McStompie

    Lovely article. Thanks to Gen. Satterfield for encouraging Mr. Bryce and for giving him a forum. Too many media websites that do so are being shutdown by our govt minders.

  2. Bryan Z. Lee

    Mr. Jelly Bryce, you are my favorite regular guest writer here on Gen. Satterfield’s leader blog. I await your articles because they hit home and hit home hard. I want to do something about American’s decline. My first step is doing good things in my community. Thanks for a great article that is very informative but scary at the same time.

    1. Mr. T.J. Asper

      It is sad to read about the decline of the FBI. Sad. Like Bryan wrote, Mr. Bryce is one of my favorite guest writers on this blog. I’m a longtime reader and have recommended it to my high school students.

  3. Pooch T.

    A political FBI is a great danger to every citizen.
    Shout this from the rooftops. America is in decline when its most trusted institutions are also in decline. We can thank those who push Marxist ideologies for this but it is up to us to push back with better ideas.

    1. Emily Baker

      I will and I will not stand for people to go on as willfully ignorant. It is all our responsibility to stay informed. 😊

    2. Joe Omerrod

      Yes, stay informed. Stay vigilant. Stay connected to your community and know what is happening there. Go to town meetings and school board meetings. Don’t let them slip into “their” marxist agendas CRT or any other racist type programs. Sometimes we have to put ourselves out there and work for freedom. Freedom is not free and its not easy.

  4. Karl J.

    It is always a great day in the USA when we have good, ethical people exposing corruption even if it means exposing our flaws and those who are evil and support this corruption of the FBI. Thanks Mr. Bryce for coming forward on this important topic. Gen. Satterfield has provided the forum, let’s all be sure to pass the word to others.

  5. Edward M. Kennedy, III

    Western news media is, indeed, in bed with the FBI, DOJ, and CIA. Don’t trust them. That is a clear message to all citizens. Do not trust these agencies or anyone in them. They target us illegally and they know they can lie and get away with it.

    1. JT Patterson

      Great to hear from you Edward. If you have any supporting info, esp. from other countries in how they support our corrupt FBI, let us know.

      1. Len Jakosky

        Mr. Kennedy is one of my favorite guest writers on this leadership website. More from him would be great.

  6. Harry Donner

    Mr. Bryce, please keep giving us your inside intelligence on the FBI. I know you are retired but you know people. This article is a breath of fresh air. Shining a light on the cockroaches of the FBI is telling.

  7. Max Foster

    It is truly a shame that the FBI has become so politicized. “Jelly” has it right when he compares them to third world countries where the strongman uses his police and intell forces against his own citizens. Like Joe Biden (dunce) who doesn’t know what he is doing but attacking political opponents using any means necessary and at hand. Nothing is immoral, illegal, or ill gotten. Biden is corrupt.

    1. Doug Smith

      Well said, Max and spot on as usual. Your commentary is a light in the darkness of our country where it’s every man for himself. We are now going backwards thanks in large part to black leaders and self-absorbed political leaders like K. Harris, J. Biden, N. Pelosi, etc.

    2. Georgie B.

      Thanks Max and Doug for your remarks, they hit home pretty hard.

      1. old warrior

        That is why I read Gen. Satterfield’s website on senior leadership. This is the place where you can criticize but also be prepared to support your position. Kicking butt is what I call it.

        1. Linux Man

          Let’s go kick some more butt, what do you say old warrior….? 👍
          The starting point is getting your ideas out there.

    3. Plato

      Max, you are once again on target with your analysis. This guy “Jelly” seems to be one of the few who are willing to stand up and call a spade a spade. Why aren’t there more doing this? Well, there are but the news media is hiding what they have to say.


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