Tips to Make Your Company More Efficient

By | August 4, 2019

[August 4, 2019] If you run your own company, you know that keeping every single aspect of your work running smoothly and efficiently isn’t easy. You are inundated with tasks, projects, and inquiries that take up so much of your time. In some cases, it can even feel like your efforts aren’t even paying off. So how do you dig yourself out of such a rut? Sometimes it takes a complete overhaul of your organization design, and sometimes it’s as simple as restructuring your company’s short-term goals. I’ve compiled a few ways you can easily improve your company’s efficiency and get things running smoothly!

Here’s How You Can Improve Efficiency In Your Company!

Set Goals and Make a Plan

One of the best ways to becoming a more efficient company is setting clear goals and making a plan so you can be sure to follow through with them. When you set large goals, you should also set smaller ones that will help you reach the large, overarching goal. For example, if your goal is to double your clientele by the end of the year, then set smaller, reachable goals every month. Perhaps that means gaining two clients per month for the year. Next, create smaller tasks that will increase outreach to potential clients, among other things.

Moreover, delegate the small tasks to your employees so you can focus on the larger projects and goals. Try to keep your involvement in those tasks to a minimum. The better your employees are at handling the tasks, the smoother your business will run. In the end, your company will be more efficient as you prioritize and delegate tasks that contribute to large goals.

Improve Employee Morale

Last but not least, improving employee morale is one of the best ways to improve efficiency within your company. If your employees are happy and enjoy what they are doing, they will be more motivated to accomplish work and do it efficiently.

There are many ways you can improve morale. One way is to provide benefits that go above and beyond the standard. For example, in addition to insurance, retirement, paid sick leave, and some vacation days, why not provide a more generous maternity/paternity leave or give unlimited vacation days? Could you provide flexible working hours or even make your office dog-friendly? The possibilities are endless!

When you provide more than the basic employee benefits, your employee’s morale is increased, which results in improved productivity, less turnover, and even serves as a marketing agent if your benefits are unique enough.

Another way to improve morale is simply to have open communication with employees. For example, you could have a weekly meeting with your employees so you can communicate company updates -both the good and the bad. In addition, discuss weekly tasks with your employees and answer any questions they might have. Open communication makes employees feel heard and valued, which can increase morale drastically.

Make Your Company More Efficient Today!

By implementing these suggestions, your company will thrive in spectacular ways. And really, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your goals be accomplished through dedicated hard work both from you and your employees. So start today!


Author: Makenzie Sparks

Makenzie Sparks is a content creator at Markitors, a digital marketing company ( In her free time, she loves reading, writing, and crafting.

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  1. Jerry C. Jones

    I agree setting goals is important (and communicating them clearly and precisely). As noted by Eric in an earlier comment, do a good job of showing your employees that you care about them. This drives loyalty and motivates. That is one of the secrets a lot of managers fail to learn.

    1. Makenzie

      Hi Jerry,

      That’s great insight. I completely agree!

  2. Georgie M.

    I enjoyed your blog post today and it is a good thing Gen. Satterfield allows guest bloggers. You gave a little different perspective and mostly mainstream. Thank you.

    1. Greg Heyman

      Right, we all want a better mouse trap. Good job, Makenzie.

  3. Willie Shrumburger

    Very good article, Makenzie. Thanks for enlightening my day. 🙂

  4. Eric Coda

    I would suggest that what you are really saying is “take care of your employees.” This is the core of most companies improving efficiency because only when everyone buys into the mission can efficiency really get moving.

    1. Scotty Bush

      Right, she calls it improving morale. Which is correct but is also about motivation and that motivation is what drives them to do a better job (thus, efficiency improvements).

    2. Makenzie

      That’s a great way to say it Eric. Thank you for the input!

  5. Anita

    Ms. Makenzie Sparks, thanks for an informative article. Well done!

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