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To be a Man, is to be a Good Man

By | December 5, 2022

[December 5, 2022]  General Satterfield’s recent article asking “how do I become a man?” sparked my thinking about my dad.  When talking to others, I always described my dad as a good man.  And then it hit me, he was a man because he was a good man. He was a fabulous dad but when I speak of… Read More »

The Scoop about Pro-Life Women

By | August 12, 2022

[August 12, 2022]  An article by Deanna Falchook takes us on her journey into what she learned about pro-life women after she had an abortion.1  Deanna comments that she was purposefully misled by pro-choice women about abortion and its effect on women. “Before my abortion, I had a warped preconception about the character of pro-life women.  Convinced they… Read More »