Battle of Chosin Reservoir: November 26, 1950

By | November 27, 2013

Chosin Reservoir Gen Puller[November 27, 2013]  The Battle of the Chosin Reservoir was a campaign early in the Korean War and was part of the Chinese Second Offensive (November 26 – December 15, 1950) to drive the United Nations out of North Korea.

The Chosin Reservoir campaign was directed mainly against the 1st Marine Division of the U.S. X Corps, which had disembarked in eastern North Korea and moved inland in severe winter weather to a mountainous area near the reservoir.

The Chinese did not achieve their particular objective of isolating and destroying the 1st Marine Division. Instead, in a deliberate retrograde movement that has become one of the most-storied exploits in Marine Corps lore.

Today, I’m honoring all those who fought in the Korean War and helped protect South Korea from the cruelty of Communism.


In the photograph on this page is Chesty Puller who was assigned as the commander of the 1st Marine Regiment, the Marines being the centerpiece to the battle.  It was during the battle at Chosin Reservior that he made his famous quote, “We’ve been looking for the enemy for some time now.  We’ve finally found him.  We’re surrounded.  That simplifies things.”

There are not many websites dedicated to the battle but here are two of my favorites:



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