BREAKING: Hamas Loses House Seat to Democrats

By | June 27, 2024

[June 27, 2024]  Don’t you just love the Babylon Bee.  Their satire is, frankly, over the top at times and I love it.  Their headline today, BREAKING: Hamas Loses House Seat to Democrats.  This is a reference to incumbent Congressman Jamaal Bowman, who lost in the recent primary to Democrat George Latimer.  Yes, Bowman did, indeed, lose.  But the Babylon Bee hammers Bowman as the crowd cheers.

Babylon Bee’s take on this is that Bowman is part of the pro-Hamas caucus.

“This definitely decreases our influence in Congress. We’ve always been able to rely on the work ‘The Squad’ does to plead our case and stand up for us, so losing Jamaal will set us back a bit. We will need to lean even more heavily on our current representatives in Congress to advance our agenda.” – Hamas spokes-terrorist Ali Musab Al-Hamza

Of course, being part of The Squad, a group of female “Congresspersons” in the U.S. House of Representatives that claim to have broken barriers on their way to Congress for young women of color.  At one time in the recent past, they were heralded as the future of the Democrat Party.  Today, they are seen as anti-Semite screeches who reject the basic values of America as they popularize socialism.

“This is not the outcome we wanted.  But this is no reason to be alarmed. While I am being pulled from Congress, it’s not as though I’m being fired. It is still my mission to represent Hamas to the best of my ability as long as I’m here. Believe me, I can still do a lot of Jew-hating between now and the end of my term.” – Democrat Congressman Jamaal Bowman

I do recommend reading The Babylon Bee, if for no other reason than to stay up to date on the reality of life in Congress.

“Praise undeserved, is satire in disguise.” – Alexander Pope


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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19 thoughts on “BREAKING: Hamas Loses House Seat to Democrats

  1. DaveV

    After watching the debates last night between Trump and Biden, I can see Democrats panicking. When dictator wannabes like Biteme is on stage for the world to see, we do see him for what he is and for what he is not. Biden is EVIL and the Democrat Party supports this evil man.

    1. Randy Goodman

      DaveV. Yep, but this story is one of humor. Don’t get too serious on us.

  2. Paulette Johnson

    Gen. Satterfield. Thanks for a tad bit of humor to start my day.

  3. Pastor John 🙏

    Hey folks, Eddie Gilliam is back! He is one of our best commentators lately. Hi Eddie. We appreciate men of God. Love your thoughts!!!!!!!

    1. Eddie Gilliam

      Pastor John
      Yes I am doing well. I been super busy last month with church. Gen Douglas asked me to do 2 blog for him . One is humanity and the other one is how to go through. I plan to have humanity done soon. I talked to Gen Douglas today he has his grandkids up for a week

  4. Frank Graham

    Another “Squad” member who is batshit crazy is AOC.
    “AOC Dragged for Tagging Wrong ‘Jamaal Bowman’ in Tweet — And Making Historical Error About District He Just Lost”
    Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was one of the most vocal supporters of Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), who just lost his primary Tuesday evening, and posted a tweet Wednesday praising him that made multiple factual errors.

    1. Mikka Solarno

      Wow, “The Squad” is going down, one at a time.

  5. Valkerie

    This man needs to never set a foot inside any dignified place of politics or worship. “Bowman also has a history of blogging as a middle school principal about 9/11 conspiracy theories, including claiming that Osama bin Laden was wrongly “blamed” for the terror attack and that World Trade Center building Number 7 was destroyed in a controlled demolition. Last week, the congressman also belatedly apologized for claiming that initial reports of rape and child murder during Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre in Israel were a “lie.”” This is the kind of people New Yorkers are electing to Congress. Shame on them for also being anti-Semites, those who hate just to hate because they have no values or direction in their useless lives.

  6. Melissa Jackson

    I’m a huge fan of the Babylon Bee. Always have been since they started. With Pres. Biden and VP Harris in the White House, they have plenty of fodder to make fun of. The articles I like best from the BB are those that go after the sexual deviants. ROTF funny.

  7. Lizzy from Utah

    Yep, read the entire article for a big laugh at the expense of Jamaal “kill the Jews” Bowman.

    1. Bryan Z. Lee

      The “Squad” member was made redundant in the race for New York’s 16th Congressional District, with Latimer defeating him by nearly 17 percentage points. Bowman was seen exiting his Yonkers home Wednesday morning, clad in a gray “Star Wars” shirt and wearing on a sour face for the cameras. He declined to comment on the primary loss — and later accused a Post photographer of posing a “security issue” by appearing on his doorstep. The congressman would know, since he was caught on CCTV footage on Sept. 30 last year pulling down two emergency exit signs from the doors before pulling a fire alarm — and then running away. – from the NYPost
      – COWARD – …. the new way to spell Jamaal Bowman

  8. New York Yankee Fan

    Thank you, Gen. Satterfield for giving us a laugh. Poking fun at Mr. Bowman, who is an anti-simite and crazy man is easy. And, the Babylon Bee’s efforts to show that his total ignorance and anti-American ways are not accepted by most of the people here in NYC.

      1. Doug Smith

        Even the liberal news sites like NBC News can see that Bowman was a nutjob, but they just don’t come out and say it. But you can tell they like Bowman because they write like it was the Jews that pushed his opponent over to the winning side.

      2. Susan McEnroe 🌹

        This is the guy who pulled a fire alarm to prevent voting on a measure in the House that he didn’t like. CRAZY is the wrong word. He is EVIL.

  9. Wilson Cox

    Satire, my favorite form of protest against the “machine.” ha ha ha ha ah…….. ha


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