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By | October 22, 2021

[October 22, 2021]  There is a lot to the idea that the best narratives of important events come from those who were there, those who saw with their own eyes what happened, and who took the time to find out the real story.  The subject of my book is the Iraq War, the 2nd Year and what U.S. Army Engineers did to help make the military buildup a success.  Our Longest Year in Iraq: 1st Cavalry Division Construction Engineers in the Iraq War, 2004 to 2005, can be found on  It’s a sobering look and a clear birds-eye view of what really happened during that year.  Our operations were sound, our tactics overwhelmingly successful, but we struggled to understand Iraqis themselves.  Buy this book!

This weekend, on Saturday, October 23rd, I’ll be holding a book signing event at The Historic Smithville Inn at 1 New York Road, Galloway, NJ.  Your GPS will take you there.  Park across the road or use valet service.  Either way, come on in.  I’ll be located just inside the front double doors.  Several folks told me they look forward to meeting me in person and getting an autographed copy.  It will be an honor to do so, and I look forward to it.  My wife will be there helping.  She is much prettier than I am.  That’s how you can tell who is who.


Please read my newest book, “Our Longest Year in Iraq,” at Amazon (link here).

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I provide one article every day. My writings are influenced by great thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Jung, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Jean Piaget, Erich Neumann, and Jordan Peterson, whose insight and brilliance have gotten millions worldwide to think about improving ourselves. Thank you for reading my blog.

34 thoughts on “Buy this Book!

  1. Eagle Eye

    Great book! Folks, you are missing out if you’ve not read this book by Brigadier General Doug Satterfield. ✔

  2. DocJeff

    Well done Gen. Satterfield. You book will surely be a hit with those interested in what really happened in the Iraq War. Those historians who are blinded by their socialist ideology will never see it.

  3. Tony B. Custer

    Good luck today, Gen. Satterfield on your first book signing event.

    1. Silly Man

      I’ll be there. Gen. S. is “DA MAN.” What else can we do but support him by getting his book. I’ll have my picture taken with him.

  4. Tracey Brockman

    Gen. Satterfield has a big hit with his new book. Anyone can buy it. Anyone can read about the reality of war in the modern age. Go get you copy. If you are truly interested in leadership and reading about our heroes, the “buy this book.”

  5. Douglas R. Satterfield Post author

    I want to thank all of you for your gracious comments and loyalty to me. I’m sure the book will help others understand that there are many facets to war. I also hope to lift the fog of war just a little so you can see better what this war was all about and to read what our American fighting forces did to help bring freedom to a country under siege.

    1. rjsmithers

      Great to hear from you Gen. Satterfield. You have done us a great service by writing the book but more so by serving our country for 40 years. You are, indeed, a real hero.

      1. corralesdon

        — and I believe Gen. Satterfield is originally from Texas. “Don’t mess with Texas.”

  6. Steve Dade

    Yesterday, I got my book in the mail and started reading it. I agree with the many comments here in this forum. And, you can read some of the book reviews on Amazon and see that others agree that the book is really good. Why? Simple, Gen. Satterfield writes in a easy-to-read style and has the reader in mind when he put pen to paper. His grammar is clear and his ideas are succinct. He is able to make you want to read more. The book is hard to put down. Get you dog and a cup of coffee and start reading today. I did. I highly recommend his book.

  7. American Girl

    Be an American Patriot and get a copy of this book written by Gen. Satterfield.

  8. Doc Blackshear

    I’m looking forward to hearing how the book signing went. For those that live close to southern New Jersey, you are very very lucky. Go there and buy his book and get his autograph.

    1. Randy Goodman

      Yeah, and you are the lucky ones. How can I get an autographed copy if I don’t go to the book signing? Anyone have any ideas?

    2. Tony B. Custer

      I’m with you on that Doc B. Gen. S. should let us know how things went.

  9. JT Patterson

    I’ve been a long-time reader of Gen. Satterfield’s blog and regular here in the leader forums. I just want to add on top of the previous comments that getting this book is an opportunity to read about the reality of the Iraq War. I too have been disappointed in what I read in the news media. Now you get a chance to read the real stuff.

  10. Max Foster

    Got my copy a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. Every page is a story. The narrative takes you from when Gen. Satterfield (as a Lieutenant Colonel) arrives at his new Engineer Unit and their training at Fort Sill, OK, until they return home after a year with boots on the ground. The story is an easy read because the author has taken out all the technical stuff and made it for every reader regardless of age. There is no blood and guts. If you want the blood, another book is better. This narrative is a behind the scenes story of those who lead soldiers into battle successfully.

    1. Big Al

      Got it, Max. Good summary and approval of the book. If you don’t have it yet, then go buy it on Amazon. Others put the link in this forum. Easy to buy. And, you will get the book in two or three days. This is real history. Not the cockamamie “history” that is made up by a bunch of over trained whackos out of the ivory towers of academia.

      1. Plato

        Good comment, Big Al. I agree that our Historians have failed us…… failed us dramatically.

        1. Erleldech

          Yes, better to read about what happened by someone there than an “ivory tower” commie nutjob.

  11. Willie Strumburger

    Yes, get your copy now. I know how Amazon works and in a few months the price will go up. Please buy Gen. Satterfield’s new book.

  12. Yusaf from Texas

    I’m not a big supporter of Amazon because they ban many books they disagree with politically. In this case, I will make an exception. But generally I’m not on the side of book burners.

  13. Maureen S. Sullivan

    If you don’t buy the book, a witch will put a hex on you …… ha ha ha ha… Just joking, of course, but please do so. I bought mine last week and couldn’t put it down. Read the whole thing in three days. Easy read. Compelling.

    1. Bryan Z. Lee

      Hey Maureen, much appreciate the thumbs up on this book by Gen. Satterfield. I ordered mine today. I look forward to Gen. S. giving us an update on how the book signing went. I live to far to drive there. But I would think that plenty of folks would want to come out and get the book from him.

      1. Harold M. Smith II

        Darn it, I wish I lived close enough to go to the signing. 😊

      2. Dead Pool Guy

        Yes, the book is truly a treasure. Please go buy it. If nothing else, this supports a highly decorated veteran.


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