Clearing the Spindle: Hypocrisy

[May 10, 2023]  These last few weeks have given us plenty of things to laugh about and make fun of, especially for those who enjoy watching hypocrisy in action.  Yes, we are all hypocrites, often as children (which may be excused somewhat) but also as adults.  Progressive leftists use this as a bludgeon on their political enemies, and rightly so because hypocrisy is a trait we all recognize as being juvenile, irresponsible, foolish, and certainly will backfire on the offender.  “Rules for thee, but not for me” is one way to sum it up.  My favorite are politicians who – with their lives under a microscope – are often found as major examples of hypocrisy.

John Kerry wearing his Vietnam War medals that he “gave back.”  Dressed in a suit, the former Secretary of State was ‘weighed down with service medals from the United States military’ at this past weekend’s coronation of King Charles III.  In 1971, John Kerry told WRC-TV that he gave back the medals he earned as a leader among the anti-Vietnam War veterans he led as a form of protest.  Many veterans were seen throwing their medals and ribbons over the fence in front of the U.S. Capitol, and Kerry was reported among those veterans.  The French-looking Kerry claimed he did so because of the “perversion of the war.”  So, he was, sitting at the coronation, wearing medals he’d thrown away decades ago.  Kerry is now Biden’s climate czar.  Yes, he traveled there in a private jet.  Hypocrisy?  It is hard to find a better example.

The CIA approves scams on U.S. citizens to “protect” U.S. citizens.  The U.S. House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government is set to release its report today on Deep State 51 activity.  Among the findings, the CIA fast-tracked approval of a scam letter and actively solicited signatures on the letter.  Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell was making it up in his service to the Joe Biden presidential campaign.  He wanted the job of CIA Director.  Morell used Natasha Bertrand and Politico to publish the letter.  It was used to suppress the New York Post’s reporting on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Miranda Devine of the N.Y. Post devotes her column to these findings.  More hypocrisy?  When our law enforcement agencies actively work against their mission, it isn’t easy to trust them.

 Politicians found violating their own rules over COVID lockdowns.  This one is no surprise as we were daily (at least it seems daily) informed of politicians and other left-wing political activists who rejected their tyrannical orders to close churches and schools in the name of public safety over the virus.  Many, including liberal “reporters,” excused or participated in massive social justice protests after condemning conservative political rallies as “homicidal super-spreader events.”  The two weeks to slow the spread became ‘wait until there’s a vaccine,’ and then they lied about it.  Americans acquiesced to those who were power-hungry and who were still reluctant to give us back our liberties.  The most famous of all was Democrat Senator Nancy Pelosi, who visited her hair salon without a mask.  There are many more, but you get the picture.  Rules for thee, not for me.  Hypocrisy in action.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I provide one article every day. My writings are influenced by great thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Jung, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Jean Piaget, Erich Neumann, and Jordan Peterson, whose insight and brilliance have gotten millions worldwide to think about improving ourselves. Thank you for reading my blog.

14 thoughts on “Clearing the Spindle: Hypocrisy

  1. Shawn C. Stolarz

    Love the article, Gen. Satterfield. Made me smile.

  2. Ron C.

    Don’t be too surprised by the hypocrisy displayed by folks today. They are taught that they are the center of the universe and that they can do no wrong. We are raising a generation of narcissists.

  3. JT Patterson

    Gen. Satterfield, you could spend an entire year listing and discussing political and mas media hypocrites. Calling out the most egregious is sufficient, as you have done. I can understand that with only one article per day that you get behind in what you would like to discuss. How about the US Navy and their drag queen recruiting efforts. Gee. And I thought Bud Light did stupid. Didn’t anyone learn from this Anheuser Busch fiasco not to do this type of thing?

      1. Grover in the Grove

        Gen. Satterfield, great to hear from you in the forum. I’m a huge huge fan.

  4. Kerry

    Who do you think is the biggest hypocrite politician. I have a short list to chose from and I don’t think many would disagree except for the wannabe leftist tyrants who would jail all free thinkers. Here is my list:
    Hillary Clinton
    Joe Biden
    Kamala Harris
    Barack Hussein Obama
    Can you think of another major figure? Let me know.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      Al Gore the green energy czar. With a $30,000 yearly energy bill, that puts him way up there. I don’t disparage him owning a large house but don’t lecture me about setting my thermostat to 75 degrees in the summer in Texas.

  5. Greg NH

    Gen. Satterfield making sense, once again.

  6. corralesdon

    Political hypocrisy definition would probably go something like this: “a politician’s feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; behavior that contradicts what a politician claims to believe or feel”.

    1. Purse

      The reason why so many people rage about political hypocrites is that they have a huge impact on our lives. If you choose wrongly, you have to put up with that leader for his or her whole mandate. Got it.

    1. Frank Graham

      Yes, the blind author wrote, “Cognitive dissonance is a discomfort caused by inconsistency which most of us are then motivated to try to reduce. In particular, it can be a feeling of hypocrisy or a realization of having made a mistake, and it’s unpleasant. Or it’s supposed to be unpleasant. How do so many politicians fall prey to it and then manage to handle it without coming clean?” Can’t answer a simple question. Answer ….. POWER.

      1. Dead Pool Guy

        Yes, sometimes hard to pull out the real intellectual nuggets that liberal writers in PT write because they want to hide it. Read the article and don’t be surprised you have to dig for the real story.

  7. Goalie for Cal State

    Great reporting and calling out our “betters” for their rank hypocrisy. Thank you Gen. Satterfield. Well done!


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