Do We Disrespect Memorial Day?

[May 24, 2023]   Last year, during my township’s 4th of July parade, I saw a small child stand and salute our Veterans as they passed.  These Vets were holding our American and service flags.  Some folks came out to hug them, a few sang patriotic songs, and many thanked them for their service.  This brought great comfort to our Vets.  I find that most citizens are true patriots who love America and those who fought to protect our nation.

However, I see a troubling trend.  More and more Americans no longer believe in patriotism or loving America or, sadly, no longer understand our Vets who have given their lives for our nation.  Some are unaware because they are willfully ignorant, others out of malice.  Unfortunately, in today’s America, we disrespect Memorial Day and choose to dishonor the fallen.  This is the new America.

How do I know this?  Recent opinion polls consistently show that Americans are less patriotic, less religious, less family-friendly, and less happy.  Go figure.  I also see how current U.S. military leaders are concerned about transgender rights but have taken their eye off the ball and now miss their recruiting goals, lower disciplinary standards, and oversee a declining readiness poster.  This is a gross failure in leadership, and it is shocking.

An example is Jane Fonda, who has a more elevated place in society than any of those who sacrificed their lives bravely and honorably.  She is more famous than Alvin York or Chesty Puller or Oliver Perry.  Jane Fonda and her fawning, faddish followers preen their feathers as they drool over her latest ‘reimagining this new phase in our lives’ or exercise video.  She is also fabulously wealthy and struts confidently in celebrity circles, knowing that her past of voluntarily participating in North Vietnamese army propaganda will be forgiven.

I lived across the nation, and I can say that many of our citizens I meet along the way do not know the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day.  Those who do rarely know the origins of either or their significance.  The average American cannot name which century World War II took place; those who do, believe it began in 1941.  Overseas, our ignorance of history or our own government is famous.  To them, the Vietnam War is not only ancient history but provides no significant lessons.

Those who died, whom we honor on Memorial Day, are considered suckers who supported an oppressive and privileged society.  Simply put, they are invisible.  Welcome to the new America.

Do we disrespect Memorial Day?  Yes, and that is a sad commentary on the character of the American citizen.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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21 thoughts on “Do We Disrespect Memorial Day?

  1. Mother Picasso

    Sadly, we do not respect the holiday, nor do we respect those who gave their lives.

  2. Pen Q

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with Gen. Satterfield that we no longer respect Memorial Day or those who died in their service to our nation.

    1. Chuck USA

      Nailed it, thanks Pen Q and Gen. S.
      Stand tall and honor our dead.
      Stand tall and do not tolerate those who are ignorant.
      Go USA 🇺🇸
      Go USA 🇺🇸
      Go USA 🇺🇸

  3. Willie Strumburger

    We still will hold our heroes in our hearts and never forget them. No matter how much they are disrespected, no matter how often they are spit upon, no matter which politician says “enjoy the long weekend” (without saying why it is a long weekend – VP Harris), no matter the willfully blind, we will continue to honor the fallen.

    1. British Citizen

      Same as the UK. Remembrance Day is no longer a big deal any more.

  4. Emma Archambeau

    Memorial Day will be here on Monday, May 29th. If you can, be at a local Memorial Day service to remember and honor the fallen. I have gone to services for the last 20 years and notice that there are fewer and fewer present. Not just locals but fewer veterans too. This is a terrible because it takes away the chance for young folks, in particular young kids, to get to know more about why our nation is so great in history. But the ‘new’ Americans want to destroy the honor of our vets and replace them with the new moral standing of transgenders who would sh$$ on America before anything. Keep up your great works, Gen. Satterfield. You earned our respect.

    1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

      Emma, hard to argue with that. Too many minds are poisoned by the progressive, radical leftsits today. 😜

      1. rjsmithers

        Sadly, that is right. Otto, I would hope you, your family, and your community honor our fallen on this coming Monday and, like my town, we are having a huge parade and ceremony at the local vet cemetery. Be there. Be respectful, even to the village idiots who have no clue.

      2. Pumpkin Spice

        Joe Biden is flying home to Delaware to have some chocolate ice cream and to take a nap.

        1. Greek Senator

          ‘Enjoy the long weekend’: Kamala Harris is slammed for smiling tone deaf Memorial Day tweet that doesn’t acknowledge fallen soldiers

          Vice President Kamala Harris has been accused of ‘disgusting’ disrespect by members of the military after tweeting ‘Enjoy the long weekend’ ahead of Memorial Day without mentioning fallen soldiers. Damn, she is so clueless.

          1. Jack of all Trades

            Another Jane Fonda wanna be.

          2. Stacey Borden

            Regular American citizens were quick to point out that VP Harris failed to mention the reason for the long weekend is Memorial Day – a federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May honoring soldiers who died while serving in the military. Clueless Harris.

  5. Harry Man

    Those who died, whom we honor on Memorial Day, are considered suckers who supported an oppressive and privileged society. Simply put, they are invisible. Welcome to the new America. OUCH

  6. Army Captain

    You are right, once again. I’ve seen it too over just the past few years and now esp. since Joe Biden is president the decline has accelerated.

    1. Jonnie the Bart

      Gen. Satterfield, once again nails a national trend that is going to a place that is dark and dangerous. The results will not be pretty.

      1. Ron C.

        Jonnie, you’re right as usual. I have my stock of food, water, and ammo ready.

        1. Len Jakosky

          CANADA? Wow, I’m a bit surprised. I thought the new Canadian government was a new paradise. At least that is what we are told. Just like the UK. Paradise. Better get in line to get your bread ration today and bottle of Vodka.

    2. Kenya

      Do we respect those who fell in battle? Nope. Why? We are more concerned about a chick with a dick than protecting ourselves from enemies who would gladly kill us all.


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