General Mark Milley Must Resign NOW!

By | August 29, 2021

[August 29, 2021]  The American military no longer trusts you.  The American people no longer believe what you say.  You are a disgrace and embarrassment to the uniform and remain a standing beacon of failure for all to see.  U.S. Army General Mark Milley, you must resign NOW!

Tear those four stars off your new nostalgic uniform and show us you have the dignity to step aside and let a real leader take charge.  It’s not complicated.  You were “in charge” of the greatest military in the history of the world, and you allowed a 10th-century ragtag army – without any advanced weaponry – to defeat an alliance you helped oversee and us.  And then you allowed them to humiliate America to boot.

The fact that you had a hand in this military debacle – that continues to unfold – is enough for you to do what is right and tell the President of the United States that his policy is a failure.  Then throw your stars on his desk.  Okay, but that would require a smidgeon of honor, something you do not have.  Americans know it.  Your troops know it.  If you don’t know it, you are more of a dunderhead than I thought possible.

You repeatedly lied to the American people about the Afghanistan war.  That is a disgrace of epic proportions.  Lying means you betrayed us.  Lying means you also threw our military under the bus and got many of them killed because you did not have the guts to tell a President that he should stop lying to the public.

You have refused to accept responsibility for this ongoing catastrophic failure, a disaster with evil consequences even a girl scout could see.  If Biden doesn’t fire you, he’s an idiot too.  In this disaster, you are the “man,” so do what a man is supposed to do.  See yourself, know that you are not up to the task of being a General and take a walk.  Get out and get out now.

The fact that you played politics instead of doing your job goes against the very nature of civil-military relations.  You are a political hack.  Yes, there is civilian control of the U.S. military.  We all know that.  You stepped over the line and became a leftist political tool.  It follows that this is one of many reasons Americans are calling on your to quit right now.

Gen. Mark Milley, you do not have our military’s back.  You are not a strategic thinker.  And, you are not a leader.

Let’s be blunt because that is the only way to get your attention.  Gen. Mark Milley, you are a coward.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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30 thoughts on “General Mark Milley Must Resign NOW!

  1. Silly Man

    Excellent commentary Gen. Satterfield, thanks for all your good works.

  2. Laughing Monkey

    You forgot to mention the disgraced Lloyd Austin, too. He is just as bad and perhaps even worse. A quote hire for sure.

    1. Georgie B.

      You got that right, LM. We don’t want to forget the CENTCOM commander and the country of Afghanistan commander as well and ALL the JCS. Let’s have them throw their stars on the table now or forever be the disgrace of our nation. History will record their names next to Benedict Arnold, Jane Fonda, and Jimmy Carter.

  3. Martin Shiell

    Gen. Milley is a loser (now to put his photo in the dictionary beside loser). “Resign now, Milley” is trending on social media.

  4. KenFBrown

    Gen. Milley has no shame at all. He will not resign and Biden will not demand his resignation either. Both are weak men, the very kind we do not want or need.

    1. Erleldech

      Why is Gen. Milley still the Chief of the JCS? Does he have no shame? How can America expect to protect itself with weaklings and sissy men like him in charge and giving ‘advice’ the a dementia patient called the President? This man should not just resign but buy a house in the forests of Maine and never show his face again.

  5. Lady Hawk

    Resign now Milley, throw your stars on Biden’s desk and walk out. Your legacy is about to the written in stone. Get out now while the getting is “good.”

  6. Wilson Cox

    Gen. Milley is TERRIBLE and I agree wholeheartedly with Gen. Satterfield that Milley has disgraced our country and the uniform he wars. Resignation would be too easy. Courts Martial would be best, a trial following by jail at Leavenworth military prison would be too good for him.

    1. Valkerie

      General Satterfield makes a compelling case. This is why I love his leadership website so much and have been in these forums now for several years.

  7. Dead Pool Guy

    “You have refused to accept responsibility for this ongoing catastrophic failure, a disaster with evil consequences even a girl scout could see.” This is a howler statement.

    1. Randy Goodman

      Ha Ha Ha !!!!!! Gen. Satterfield sure knows how to knock ’em down a peg. This four star general Mark Milley is truly a disgrace. I would be embarrassed to have any association with him. If you read this and know Milley, tell him he’s a SOB that deserves getting his butt handed to him. I bet my 13 year old son could beat him up in a fair fight.

  8. Tony B. Custer

    Spot on article. Not strong enough in my book of thinking about leadership. There should be more than a humiliating resignation for failure but a loss of his pension and removal of all those medals too.

  9. Plato

    POW, Gen. Satterfield hits this one out of the park. Although, I must note that I expected this stance of yours to be out several days ago. It was a fairly easy call to ask for Milley’s resignation. He did fail and he failed American spectacularly (as Gen. Satterfield says). Resigning is too good for Milley, he should be court marshalled.

    1. Erleldech

      Yes he nailed it. BIden bugged out. Our military had our asses handed to us. That’s what happens when you have a WOKE army. BIden, Milley and the rest of the team took their eyes off the ball. They should all be arrested as traitors and hanged. Well, not hanged. Better to let them live on a boat off shore and never set foot on American soil again in their life times. And, be buried at sea with a white flag of cowardice covering them all.

      1. Tracey Brockman

        Excellent comment, best one I’ve seen on this.

  10. Sean Matthews, Jr.

    Hey, great article, Gen. Satterfield. You da man. Mark Milley is the girl. Even girl scouts wouldn’t want him.

  11. Army Captain

    Pity, Gen. Milley had potential but I saw he was a failure when he dissed Pres. Trump and played liberal politics. Gen. “I’m woke” MIlley needs to get out now and let a real MAN take his job. Sadly, I don’t believe any of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are men.

    1. old warrior

      You got that right. I liked it when Gen. Satterfield said that even a girl scout knew better. Ha ha ha ha ha ….. Kick butt and take names and Mark Milley is one of those who need their butts kicked and real hard.

      1. Yusaf from Texas

        Made me spit up my coffee. Stop it, oh not really, keep it up old warrior. I’ve got your back.

      2. American Girl

        Good to know that there are a few authentic leaders and real men out there.

    2. H. M. Longstreet

      Mark Milley is a sissy man, woke and Marxist reading nitwit.

    3. Kenny Foster

      Good comment Army Capt. Yes, Gen. Milley has shown us and our military that he is not up to the task. Except maybe for introducing racist policies into the military. For that alone, (s)he should have been fired.

      1. Tony Cappalo

        Yep, he’s a turd all right. More like him and we just invite the Chicoms to come in and take us over without firing a shot, perfect. Just like Joe Biden, take-a-bribe c’mon man, will love. He has his retirement and his wife is “Doktor” and we all live in communist land forever after. Just don’t look behind the curtain.

  12. Frank Graham

    He must resign YESTERDAY. This girlie WOKE “man” has embarrassed us all. Time for him to pack up and permanently retire.


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