How Great Leaders Develop Their Employees

By | August 23, 2017

By guest blogger Maisie Acton [see Biography]

[August 23, 2017] 

Abstract: Being a great leader in today’s world is just not enough. Not only do you have to be great yourself, rather you have develop your team too.

Having good leaders is a key to success for any organisation in today’s tough world. The market has become so competitive that it is just not enough to have good managers. Organisations need people who are not only good managers but also great leaders.

But what makes great leaders out of otherwise ordinary people? Well lots of qualities are needed to be a great leader. But one of the most important ones is the ability to develop their employees. And this is what we are going to be talking about. Leaders who can do this hold the key to the future of any organisation’s growth and success in today’s world. In a way they are building more great leaders.

These same group of future leaders can then be tapped into by the same organisation or others and ensure a continuous cycle of growth and prosperity. Let us see what are the techniques and methods that can be used by such leaders to develop their team. Although sky is the limit when it comes to the subject of leadership, we will try to stick to the most pertinent ones remaining within the scope of the article.

Be a Role Model

First of all, great leaders need to be a role model. They have to embrace learning themselves. Only then will their employees follow suit and develop the habit of learning from them. The leaders themselves must continuously evolve and develop themselves if they are to ensure the development of their team of employees.

Highlight the importance of learning

Try and develop the habit of learning within the organisation. Always discuss with your employees what they find lacking in themselves. How they see themselves in the next five to ten years. Even if your employees initially don’t perform as per the desired standards, still acknowledge them for merely completing a task. But also appreciate the learning that has come along with it.

The power of shared values

Build a sense of purpose into your employees. They should see the organisation’s goal as their own. You must tap into the power of shared goals. Harness it to the benefit of your organisation. Once their goals will be aligned with those of the organisation, you will immediately see the change come into your team’s performance.

Focus on career development

You must focus on the career development of your employees. Try and make them grow over a period of time. For this you must design and build well laid out processes. Furthermore, you must periodically monitor the progress of development of your employees. Identify the weak spots and then work on them.

Celebrate failure

In no way should your organisation or team be prone to zero error syndrome. Employees must not be afraid of making mistakes. They should relish challenges. They should be clear that if they make a genuine mistake and fail, that it is okay. Only then will they be able to learn and grown.

Having great leaders is a real plus for any organisation. But having great leaders who can develop their employees along the same lines of greatness is a real asset.

Biography: The author’s name is ‘Maisie Acton’. She lives in London, UK is a writer and a teacher and currently works at Assignment Lounge.

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