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Feminization of the Army by Army Vet

By | November 26, 2016

[November 26, 2016]  Army Vet reflects today on the FEMINIZATION of the ARMY. Yep, it’s true!  The world-renowned, war-winning U.S. Army is going the way of the extinct dodo bird and probably for the same reason; they were too slow, inflexible, fragile, and kinda dumb.  The U.S. Army might have survived such a decline with good senior officer… Read More »

5 Steps to Develop Organizational Skills to Get More Productive

By | September 13, 2016

By guest blogger Kate Simpson [See Biography] [September 13, 2016]  A lot of focus has been put on productivity, no matter which industry you belong to. This is due to the fact that the world is not just pacing fast, it’s doing business at lightning speed, which requires you to develop organizational strategies superior to others. As a… Read More »

How America’s Military is Failing Us

By | July 29, 2016

[July 29, 2016]  Army Vet writes today that America’s military is FAILING us as a nation. I’m older now, much older, where things should be clearer through know-how and schooling; up till now that’s positively not the way things are working out for me.  There’s something been chewing at my gut for years … while the character of… Read More »

Racism at West Point?

By | May 20, 2016

[May 20, 2016]  Army Vet reflects today on RACISM at WEST POINT. I’m the kinda guy who is quick to reject with prejudice any idea that the U.S. military is a racist bastion like some of my liberal friends think it is (but won’t say so to my face).  So it won’t be surprising that I stand shoulder-to-shoulder… Read More »