Gun Show Visit and Good Time

By | December 20, 2021

[December 20, 2021]  This past weekend, my friend and I went to a Gun Show in Pennsylvania.  We had not been there in over a year; due to the COVID-19 scare.  We were interested in new gun products, prices, up-to-date changes in gun laws, yakking it up with gun “nuts,” and walking around to see what folks were talking about.  We had a good time.

Meeting new folks and those who are regulars was enjoyable.  I got a high-quality dog collar for Bella, my yellow lab, from a belt-maker I always buy from due to top-level quality.  I met Daryl M. Brooks from Philadelphia, selling his book, “37 Days: the Disenfranchisement of a Philadelphia Poll Worker” (2020).  I’ll write a profile on him later.  And many more wonderful people.

Here are a few observations.

  1. Folks were extra friendly. Everyone was courteous and thoughtful.  They were willing to make a deal on guns and ammo (I didn’t buy any), accessories, and clothing that would appeal to a hunter or gun enthusiast.  Many smiles, fist bumps (the new handshake), selfies, and pleasant talk about family and friends.  The crowd was large, and I saw many whole families, everyone having a good time.
  2. Lots of Guns and more guns. I was surprised to see many gun dealers selling their wares (old and new guns).  Prices for the older military collector guns have gone up a lot since I was there.
  3. Plenty of anti-Biden hats and t-shirts. Politically, the crowd was very conservative.  Discussions often turned political, and many were about preserving the Second Amendment.  I could have bought a Stop Biden or BLM (Biden Loves Minors) t-shirt or hat but didn’t.
  4. Support for the 2nd Amendment. I don’t know if the gun show’s organizers planned it or not, but there were booths set up to support the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  They gave out literature, and you had a chance to sign a petition if you wanted.
  5. Respect for the Veteran and Police. You got a slight discount for being a vet or police officer.  Self-identification only, and we had a VIP entrance.    Inside, several folks thanked me for my military service (I wore my U.S. Army Veteran hat), and I told them I appreciated it. I also got a veteran discount on several items like a Buck pocket knife for my grandson.

Overall, the event shaped up to be worth the trip from my home in Southern New Jersey.  I also got plenty of exercise walking the floors.  I did learn something meaningful for those who attend gun shows.  If you want to buy something, don’t wait; buy it before you leave their booth.  I had a hard time finding the knife dealer where I purchased my new knife.  The place is H-U-G-E.

I’ll be going back again soon.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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18 thoughts on “Gun Show Visit and Good Time

  1. Jeff Blackwater

    I’m sure you had a great time. So do I each time I attend one of these shows. If you want to meet some polite, friendly people, go to a gun show.

  2. Maureen S. Sullivan

    Yes, and learn more about freedom while you are there. Just a fringe benefit of going to a gun show.

  3. Wild Bill

    I’m with Gen. Satterfield on this one. First, I love gun shows, just the pure entertainment aspect. Second, he is right, the cost of quality older guns is going crazy [my words]. Third, you can meet some wonderful folks that you wouldn’t mind having over for a beer. And fourth, this is what freedom is about, to go where you want, when you want, for whatever reason you want. This is America. And, I’m an American Patriot just like Gen. Satterfield.

  4. Guns are Us

    Wow, gun shows. I never would have thought – just kidding. I’ve never been because one never seems to fit my work schedule – I work weekends. But I would like to go. You can get a few ideas of when and where they are taking place by visiting this website.

      1. New Girl #1

        Yep, I love guns because I jsut love them. Maybe it’s like I love collecting them. But none of my guns have every jumped up and murdered someone. Guns are tools. If they are used to perpetuate evil, that’s on the person doing the dirty dead, not the gun. Humans use tools. And, we have lots and lots of tools that make lots of things easier. BTW, airplanes have killed more people than guns ever have so why don’t we ban airplanes while we’re at it. Oh yeah, stupidity sometimes happens to whackos that only use emotion as an argument.

  5. Doc Blackshear

    Whenever I can go, I go to these shows too. I find those attending to be a good mix of folks, altho mostly middle aged men, and those who want to learn more about guns. I find no body looking to buy something illegally. That’s a myth perpetrated by our media.

    1. Purse 5

      Yeah, I find the same thing. Thanks Doc. It’s not crazy land like many say it is but have Zero experience with these type of shows.

      1. Harry Donner

        Gee, freedom to assemble. I heard something of this before …. ha ha ha ha….

      2. Tom Bushmaster

        Just killing off the stereotypes. If you are in deep trouble, I would call on any of these “middle aged men” over my liberal neighbor.

  6. Nick Lighthouse

    Gun shows are the place to be for a day of entertainment, learning about guns, ammo, and laws. It’s also a place to meet others who love freedom and are man enough (or woman enough) to stand up say say NO to the wanna-be tyrants we elected to office around the country. Stand up for your rights, go to a gun show before they are outlawed.

  7. Bryan Z. Lee

    I love going to gun shows. Every year I go (except last year due to stupidly shutting down everything). I’ll continue again this year and have a great time as well.

      1. Bernie

        Unfortunate that our British brothers and sisters are denied the right to self defense.

    1. Eric Coda

      The very existence of the gun show is something that alarms some people. I can see why this would be the case for those who desire much more control. A large room, typically a space normally rented for conferences, filled with guns for sale must give them shivers. And of the many I’ve attended, I saw what has to be truly shocking to the gun control crowd in that all the visitors and vendors behave in a civilized and positively friendly manner with everyone present. The fact that we’re not screaming at each other or shooting at each other while buying and selling is irksome to a certain point of view.

  8. Janna Faulkner

    Great you had a good time. Just as I would expect. But not if you listen to radical leftists (actually communists in training to kill you because you don’t think about killing your inferiors). Keep up the wonderful effort on this website.


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