Happy Thanksgiving to Our Readers

By | November 27, 2014

[November 27, 2014] Happy Thanksgiving!!

Do people in the United States (and most of the world) have good reason to give thanks for the good things we have? Yes! Unequivocally, this is true. If anyone from our past were to be transported to our world today, they would be amazed at the level of peace and prosperity. Yet … despite the truth of this, most people today believe it is not true. How sad that with all we have, there is so little thanksgiving.

People believe the world is headed in the wrong direction. They also believe the disparity between rich and poor is so great that those at the bottom of the economic rung are in a virtual slavery. Now, there are cases where we do find situations where people are truly in misery but overall across the world, people are better off today than ever before in the history of humankind. Why the disparity in reality versus beliefs? World leaders are politicians and they achieved their station in life by telling their citizenry that they will improve their terrible position in life for them. World leaders are telling us that things are bad and they will make things better – of course, they rarely live up to those promises. This is the dark side of leadership. Beware.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy the day and thank your family and friends for what we all have.

SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to all the fans of this blog for making it successful in its second year.

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Below are a few good websites dedicated to Thanksgiving Day. And if you are interested in a few good songs for the day, see the GoodHouseKeeping website (last on the list). They are worth a look.







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