Heads Up: taking a Week Off

[July 3, 2022]  Heads up!  I’m taking a week off to visit family.  This week will be the first time I’ve taken off this many days in a row since I began this blog more than eight years ago.  Even when I was in the hospital, I didn’t take a full week off.  I’ll be enjoying the time.  But, I have a number of changes coming soon to my leadership website.

These changes include a new focus of my leadership blog.  A new style of article.  My overall blog’s look and feel will remain mostly unchanged.  There will be some unseen enhancements that allow faster loading (mostly you will not notice it).  And, a few tabs that show some of my popular articles from the past.  I’ll also add a RESOURCEs tab with what I hope will make it easier to reference some of the things I refer to when writing.

I hear that airline travel these days is troubling; cancelled flights, overbookings, poor customer service, and alike.  This does not bode well for the airlines.  I’ll be flying American Airlines (Delta Airlines disappointed me too many times).

You’ll see me on the other end.  I wish you all well.  Please use my leadership forums for discussions, give me some ideas on what you would like to see me write about, and let me know if my articles fill the bill (so to speak).

Have a great week.  Oh, for those who bought my book, ‘Our Longest Year in Iraq,’ please give me an honest review on Amazon.  Thank you.


Please read my new book, “Our Longest Year in Iraq,” on Amazon (link here).

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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27 thoughts on “Heads Up: taking a Week Off

  1. Linux Man

    Have a great time with your family, Gen Satterfield 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Revess 5

    Cool, enjoy. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Like you, Gen Satterfield, I am too a patriot.

  3. Wilson Cox

    Enjoy your time off and we are here and will continue to write.

  4. New Girl #1

    Happy July 4th everyone!!!! 💖 Be a real American today, support the USA.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      Yes, Happy 4th. A day to honor our nation’s founding. For those basement dwellers, pinko, liberal, progessive, snowflake mama-boys, just don’t bother.

  5. Jonnie the Bart

    Thanks for letting us know. Gen. Satterfield, please enjoy your 4th of July. I hope you attend a parade and spend time with your family.

  6. JT Patterson

    Good luck, Gen. Satterfield. We’ll be here waiting. Of course, what else would we do as huge fans of your leadership website? I just wanted to let you know that I bought your book and its GREAT. Thanks. I encourage others here to purchase it too, ‘Our Longest Year in Iraq.” Just published late last year. Every page is a story.

    1. Laughing Monkey

      Others like JT have given their endorsement of the book and so I will add mine. I already read it, passed it along to my friends who are now reading it. Get the book today. You will see a side of combat never seen before.

  7. Boy Sue

    Ha Ha. Must be a pix of your dog. Great shot. Enjoy your time off. When will you be returning? The sooner the better. 👀

    1. American Girl

      Yep, and we should all be enjoying our family time together. That is one of the “noble goals” in life that Gen. Satterfield writes about from time to time. He is right, of course. And while we are discussing noble goals, we all have the opportunity to participate in our community’s July 4th Independence Day events. Don’t overlook them. Be there. Wave the American flag. Do what real patriotic Americans are doing all over our nation. Be with your family when you do so.

  8. Kenny Foster

    Yes, please take your time and we will see you in a week. Enjoy also the 4th of July. 😉

    1. USA Patriot II

      Yep, I say ‘go for it.’ And like some of others here in this leadership forum, I’ve also bought Our Longest year in Iraq by Gen. Doug Satterfield and read all the way to the end and now am half way through reading it a second time. Truly eye opening, especially that our elected politicians back home were trying to cut their funding off while troops were still in the field fighting an enemy of America.

  9. Army Captain

    Hey, Gen. Satterfield, I and my family (all who read your blog) are certainly looking forward to reading your new blog.

  10. osmodsann

    We all need a bit of time off now and again. We will surely miss your educational and entertaining aspects of your blog but you will be back and I’m sure in rare form. We are all huge fans of your website, keep up the great work you are doing and I look forward to your next book.

      1. Greg Heyman

        Yep, got my copy and read it already. Enjoyed every page. Our Longest Year in Iraq has a story every page. Gen. Satterfield writes in a conversational style that I enjoyed.

      2. Liz at Home

        Yes, let us keep up our ties to our families, learn to read and do read more, and adopt voluntarily more responsibility.

  11. Willie Strumburger

    We’ll miss you, Gen. Satterfield. Much deserved time off.

    1. Fred Weber

      If you enjoy time with your family, then that makes you a good man. Those who can, do, those who can’t live a lonely life. Those who support their families are good, those who do not are evil incarnate.


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