Honor Dad this Father’s Day

By | June 19, 2022

[June 19, 2022]  Fathers and father figures in our lives have shown us that authentic masculinity means being a strong and uncompromising protector.  They have shown us by their words and actions the value of respecting loved ones, defending truth and justice, and life itself.

Fathers are often the forgotten champions of the American family, yet none would be complete without them.  Thank you to all fathers for the hard work you do to support, protect, and be an example to your children and grandchildren.  Thank you, above all, for accepting your role as a father – a difficult task in our society that belittles the vocation through rampant abortion on demand and talk of toxic masculinity.

“The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him.” – Proverbs 20:7

This passage from the Bible has deliberate meaning regarding fathers.  It says that the man of pure life, who performs his duty toward God and all peoples, brings a blessing upon himself and his family, but specifically upon his children who follow his good example.  Both during his life and after his death, the virtue of the good man (and father) speaks and acts from wise experience, and he is satisfied with his family.

The noble goal of the family is assumed within this Biblical text and yet says something we can never forget; a family man is the epitome of good.

Fathers play a significant role in our life.  They love their children unconditionally and teach them the proper lessons about life.  Parents always hold their children before falling to the ground.  Unlike children, they are always ready to sacrifice their desire and happiness.

We often don’t understand what they are going through in life or what difficulties they are facing.  Instead, we make them more worried with our stupidities.  We can do something very special for them this father’s day.  Be there and tell them you love them.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I provide one article every day. My writings are influenced by great thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Jung, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Jean Piaget, Erich Neumann, and Jordan Peterson, whose insight and brilliance have gotten millions worldwide to think about improving ourselves. Thank you for reading my blog.

20 thoughts on “Honor Dad this Father’s Day

  1. Willie Shrumburger

    A day late, but happy Father’s Day to all those great dads out there.

  2. Fred Weber

    My favorite day of the year and one that I get to hug my dad. He is a Korean War vet and can give anyone great advice and follows up on his love of his children.

  3. osmodsann

    They act. They provide. They support. They understand. They don’t judge. They do their best.

      1. Xerxes I

        Don’t we all? At least those who are stable and reliable.

  4. Max Foster

    “How important are our fathers in a child’s life?” So far, we know that kids who grow up with a present, engaged dad are less likely to drop out of school or end up in jail than children with absent fathers. When children have close relationships with father figures, they tend to avoid high-risk behaviors, and they’re less likely to have sex at a young age. They’re more likely to have high-paying jobs and healthy, stable relationships when they grow up. They also tend to have higher IQ test scores and bear fewer psychological problems throughout their lives.

  5. Plato

    Father’s Day, celebrated on June 19th, is considered extremely important as it helps acknowledge the contribution of fathers to individual families and societies.

    1. Bernie

      Yes, Willie, good article. Thanks for the link and for helping us all make Father’s Day a very very special day for that wonderful man in our lives.

  6. Rev. Michael Cain

    My dad wasn’t a man of many words. His advice was something I gathered from him by watching the way he treated people. I learned what true love looks like from seeing how evident and honest his love for my mother was. You could tell just by being in the room with them that their love was real and that he put her on a pedestal … My father [also] taught me how to work hard, how to always show up for the people who need me, how to love with all my heart and soul and have fun along the way.

    1. Ursala J. Simpson

      I like this one, “The playlist is the most important part of the party.” It says you are who you are and are judged properly who you are by those who you have as friends and acquaintences.

      1. Doug Smith

        Good quotes guys, thanks for helping make this father’s day a really good one. If you are with you family, then you have succeeded as a father.

  7. Emma Archambeau

    Yes, indeed, best wishes to all those dads out there, doing the right thing every single day by being a part of the family and making things work. It takes a team to be a family and the father is the key to it all.

  8. Bryan Z. Lee

    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY ……. loving those dad’s who make their families part of themselves, support them, and do the right thing by their wife, children, and grandchildren.

    1. Georgie B.

      but but but, what about all this toxic masculinity? whine whine whine /sarc

      1. Autistic Techie

        Good one, Georgie. Respect fathers, promote masculinity. That is how you win in your family, community, and nation.

    2. Greg Heyman

      Yes, Happy father’s day. Maybe should be called “Dad’s Day” because that is more accurate.


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