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The Season of Discontent?

By | July 15, 2014

[July 15, 2014] “America: Imagine the World Without Her;” a new movie now playing in theaters proposes the idea of a world without the United States and the results. The National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends 2030 lists one potential game-changer in the world as the “uncertain role of the United States.” Lack of trust in the government was… Read More »

Learning from Ethical Failures

By | July 11, 2014

[July 11, 2014] The field of scientific inquiry has made enormous advancements in our quality of life for hundreds of years. “Scientists” are highly regarded as meticulous, smart, hard working, and honest. Today, their work is peer reviewed by other scientists to ensure the work is accurate.  Yet, we have just learned that a scientific journal discovered a… Read More »