Observations from the Great Self-Isolation

By | March 18, 2020

[March 18, 2020]  For those not living off the grid (by definition you are not reading this), you’ve been following the up-and-coming great isolation.  The infectious and deadly Coronavirus – origins in China – has been spreading like wildfire on dry canyon grass, causing us to isolate ourselves from one another.  At least that is what medical experts are telling us to do.  Today, I’ll be writing about a few observations from the great isolation.

Whole populations are doing their best to isolate from one another; work from home, not get within six feet of each another, hunker down, and not go anyplace where there are other people.  Beware, the deadly Coronavirus will kill you, if you are over 60 years old, or is it 80, or an infant?  If you are a baby, then you might unknowingly harbor the disease and kill grandma.  How’s that for a message for kids?

I live in southern New Jersey where there are real horses, forests as far as you can see, and seashores that are the envy of any good American who loves freedom.  As I walk my Yellow Labrador in the early morning hours and later as the sun is overhead, I meet only a few people out and about.  Most of them live and work in New York City or northern New Jersey (which some say is actually part of the Big Apple).  They’ve all come down here where the crowds are thinner, and the living is slower.

Yesterday I traveled a long way, 10 minutes, to get to my local grocery store and found two people ahead of me in the checkout line.  Heaven forbid this should occur!  And we called it a mob.  At least there was meat on the shelves, bottled water, a few paper products, and anything else I may have wanted to buy.  Later I stopped by the local CVS pharmacy and found only two people in the store.  We bought Preparation H and Tampax.

Here are a few of my observations.  Occasionally I’ll put another article or two up for your entertainment.  But these will get us over “hump day” Wednesday:

  • The great global climate change crisis may hold the attention of a few hardliners, but most have thrown in the towel on this prank.
  • Professors, who have been calling humans a “deadly virus” on the Earth, are seen as the nuts they are.
  • Globalism and “we are the world” is no longer a rallying cry of the left but the rantings of a few hippie wannabes.
  • San Fran and New York City are considering mandatory ‘shelter in place’ with permission only to leave to get groceries or exercise. What, no orgies?
  • A street theater group called Extinction Rebellion decided to cancel this weekend’s mass die-in (not sure what they were dying for this time).
  • A few environmentalists are claiming that the virus is lowering greenhouse gasses and slowing pollution the right way by reducing the population.
  • A few tyrants are proclaiming the Coronavirus is a great excuse to bring back Communism. No, seriously.
  • And, the mayor of Bugliano, Italy, has responded to the viral outbreak by prohibiting orgies, banning threesomes, and sex involving more than two people “for the foreseeable future.”

Now, if the Romans had just done this in 476 AD, the Roman Empire might still be with us today.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I'm Doug and I provide at least one article everyday on some leadership topic. I welcome comments and also guests who would like to write an article. Thanks for reading my blog.

25 thoughts on “Observations from the Great Self-Isolation

  1. Georgie B.

    Gen. Satterfield, great list. Keep this updated. I love the humor and of course the education.

  2. Joe Omerrod

    One of the things you should learn in school up thru High School is to pay attention to what others are saying and that maybe there is some good info in their words. Looks like our young are too craven and privileged and think they are superior to everyone else to do so.

  3. Gil Johnson

    Our young adults are NOT doing their part. They believe they are invulnerable and have NO responsibilities. Classic intellectual laziness and a privileged mindset. During WW2 we had the greatest generation, now we have the worst generation.

    1. Crazy Dude

      Gen. Satterfield posted a new article this morning that reflects exactly what you are saying, Gil. Well said and spot-on. Young folks should be paying close attention but, of course, they won’t be.

  4. Eva Easterbrook

    Gen. Satterfield, just a short note. Not everyone can work from home (like our military, police, ambulance, construction and service workers, utility linemen, etc.). How they are affected is yet fully not known. I wish them well and thank them whenever I see them out and about doing their jobs (usually alone). My prayers go out to them. Oh, and let’s not forget those working in our grocery stores, gas stations, etc. They are the new heroes.

    1. Drew Dill

      Great comment, Eva. New heroes will emerge from this and they will not be politicians or the media.

  5. Lynn Pitts

    Bottom line — We do not know how vulnerable we are, and in particular the most vulnerable among us, and we must be clear that we will not abandon them, write them off as statistics, acceptable losses.

    1. Greg Heyman

      We overreacted AND we saved lives. The cost economically, politically, and socially will be high however and that is nothing to sneeze at.

  6. Sadako Red

    Thanks to the pandemic, the handwriting for bringing our manufacturing base home to the good ole’ USA is on the wall.

    1. Max Foster

      Hi Sadako Red. You are right again. The way the world looks at itself (from the progressive ideological view) is that we should be “world citizens” and screw national borders. This incident shows that does not work. Nuff said. Bring our manufacturing base home and never let it go again. This is one of the most important leadership lessons learned.

    2. Jerome Smith

      In regard to President Trump’s efforts to bring good-paying jobs home by repatriating our manufacturing base, we should thank the thugs who run the Chinese Communist Party, who got the brilliant idea to threaten to cut off America’s supply of antibiotics because our government had criticized China’s lack of transparency in dealing with COVID-19.

      1. Kenny Foster

        Yes, Jerome and despite the fact that we’ve hit a rough patch, we’re well equipped as a society to meet the challenge and prevail. The long-term consequences of the coronavirus will be positive in that we will be better equipped to handle future widespread medical emergencies, and our economy and national security will be immeasurably enhanced by the closing of our borders and the repatriation of our supply chain and manufacturing base.

  7. JT Patterson

    Great article, good humor and info. Thx. Please do a similar one again in the near future.

  8. Valkerie

    General Satterfield, great observations you’ve put forth here (hint, I like the humor in it too). I recommend you do this at least weekly for our entertainment and gaining spot-on knowledge.

  9. Gladys Bates

    As you may know, the mainstream news media are staffed by agenda-driven progressive propagandists who have seized on the pandemic as yet another opportunity to bring about the political and societal change that they desire.

    1. Mikka Solarno

      Excellent observation, Gladys. I too see that the media is whipping up the population and getting ordinary people to panic. When folks panic they do stupid things like put their dogs down because the dogs might carry the Coronavirus (they don’t).

    2. Randy Goodman

      Wherever the media leads, our politicians will follow. How very sad, indeed.

      1. Tom Bushmaster

        Correct, Randy, the media are leading our political leaders around by the ring in their noses. Do our leaders have blinders on that prevents them from using their head? Someone should step up and call them for what they are …. ‘snake-oil salesmen.’

  10. Eric Coda

    I would like to add two:
    1. The Chinese govt claims the virus was started by the US Army bringing it over to China to blame them.
    2. Chinese govt officials have got the virus under control quickly by cracking down on people’s movement and lying about how many have died and have the disease.

  11. Ronny Fisher

    Great list of ‘observations’, Gen Satterfield and worthy of listing them here for us to read and contemplate.

    1. Willie Shrumburger

      One of the most difficult problems in assessing the current coronavirus 2019 (hereinafter COVID-19) pandemic is sorting through the conflicting expert opinions and the evolving statistical data that have — with an enormous assist by the mainstream media — plunged our nation into a state of panic and paralysis.

    2. The Kid 1945

      I don’t claim to know what’s motivating the media, but, my God, their reporting is absolutely reprehensible. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are creating a panic that is far worse than the viral outbreak.

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