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[May 07, 2014] Perhaps it’s a sign of getting older, but I do find myself reading more than when I was younger. I read more now because I simply want to read more. I find reading to certainly be more enjoyable and fulfilling. Was it because I was too busy when young?

I think the reason I spent less time reading when younger was because I had better things to do; at least in my opinion. I now tell people what a mistake it was when I pushed aside good reading material. My favorite topic as a junior Army officer was military leadership – still a favorite of mine. In our attic, many of those books are still there. My office floor has them scattered across so I can find the ones I want to read again … this time, more methodically.

Of course, I will continue making suggested readings and some of you will notice that, once in a while, I list a book from the 1970s or 80s on leadership.

My wife is happy that I spend more time on pursuits that she also enjoys. As I retire, my plan is to find those “gems” that stand out and ensure that everyone knows about them.

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