Political Investigation of Leaders

[May 07, 2014] Daily, we read about some new investigation of government leaders, making it seem as though our government is either broken or full of crooks. I propose that many of these investigations are motivated by nothing more than an attempt to target a leader politically.

While many of these investigations are necessary, some are used as a tool to unfairly attack other leaders. How many are political is unknown but we do know it occurs frequently. Sadly, investigations overall are growing at an increasing rate – the impact is consumption of enormous resources and leaders are being prevented from doing their jobs.

Political investigations are more likely to occur in government organizations and to target aggressive and controversial leaders. Yet, being aggressive or controversial does not mean that their behavior is somehow wrong (unethical, illegal, or immoral) and thereby needs investigating. In fact, our biggest problem and greatest weakness in government is mediocrity, where only the minimum work effort is the norm.

Note that these political investigations are internally generated within the government; meaning that government is attacking itself. It follows that our government is experiencing greater inefficiencies because of unnecessary investigations. The trend is to see more of these a budgets get smaller and demand for services increases. Citizens will therefore pay more in taxes for lesser services.

Separating the good leader from the bad is not an easy task. The best of our leaders will adapt to these investigations by being less aggressive (thus less effective) and less controversial (thus less contentious).

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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