Race Trumps & Leadership Fails

By | July 12, 2014

By guest blogger Sadako Red [see disclaimer] [July 12, 2014] Howdy folks! My column today is based on the premise that when race is a factor in anyway, leadership fails … at least in America. There is a lot to be said about how norms have changed in a positive way about race over the last century. My… Read More »

Managed Expectations

By | July 12, 2014

[July 12, 2014] The first snowman I built for my 4-year old son was to be a monument to our father-son relationship. An 8-inch snow and just the right kind of snow had fallen the night before. Living in the Northeast but being from the South, I was unprepared for the results of the snowman we attempted to… Read More »

Learning from Ethical Failures

By | July 11, 2014

[July 11, 2014] The field of scientific inquiry has made enormous advancements in our quality of life for hundreds of years. “Scientists” are highly regarded as meticulous, smart, hard working, and honest. Today, their work is peer reviewed by other scientists to ensure the work is accurate.  Yet, we have just learned that a scientific journal discovered a… Read More »

Reading List (Update)

By | July 11, 2014

[July 11, 2014] The reading and study of military history is one of the pillars in a well-rounded education for military professionals. This includes both officers and enlisted personnel. This concept applies to any leader in any organization. While magazines from professional associations are helpful to see the most recent topics at hand, they also allow us a… Read More »

Israel, Rockets, and U.S. Leadership: Update

By | July 10, 2014

[July 10, 2014] The New York Post headlines read, “Nuke Attack” [in all capital letters].1 They are referring to the terrorist group Hamas firing rockets into the city of Dimona and home of an Israeli nuclear power plant. The implication here is that the terrorists were targeting the “nuke plant.” Senior U.S. leadership did not have much to… Read More »

Characteristic# 67: Professionally Unemotional

By | July 10, 2014

[July 10, 2014] The most successful senior executive leaders are professionally unemotional, yet caring and respectful. Now, that may seem like an oxymoron, and some people will even disagree with me, but leaders must have a degree of detachment else they will be consumed by the daily affairs of those they lead. Likewise, they must show that they… Read More »

Leadership and Propaganda

By | July 9, 2014

[July 09, 2014] As a teenager, my friends and I were lukewarm to high school learning … it was something we simply had to do. Yet, I do fondly remember our track coach teaching us about “leadership and propaganda”. His message was prophetic – you will be consumed by propaganda unless you are taught the leadership and knowledge… Read More »

Taunting your Opponent

By | July 8, 2014

[July 08, 2014] Growing up in the Deep South provided me with opportunities for my friends and I to get into trouble and plenty of fistfights with each other. Preceding any fight however, there was the obligatory taunting: sticking our tongue out, name-calling, daring them in some way. My first grade teacher, upon observing one of these fights,… Read More »

Predicting the Audience Reaction

By | July 8, 2014

[July 08, 2014] Comedians and politicians appear to be the best at reading their audience. Not to equate them on their level of national importance, of course. They both base their livelihood on their ability to foresee how their audience will react to what they do (telling a joke or debating national security). Predicting the audience reaction is… Read More »