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By | December 18, 2020

[December 18, 2020]  There is an old idea about great leadership I keep thinking about; it is most fitting applied to Allen West.  You may forget what a great leader said, but you will never forget how that leader made you feel.  Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and Congressman Allen West is a steadfast Republican, American Patriot, family man, and Christian.

Because of this description, Allen West is controversial in any nation that considers socialism as a legitimate alternative form of government.  West says that he is tired of hearing that it is our moral duty to serve the state.  He believes it is our moral duty to serve our fellow man, regardless of race, sex, affiliation or creed.  The duty of the state is to get out of the way.

“We believe in humility and integrity, the spirit of one people, bound together under God. We understand that the Constitution was written to control and regulate the government, not the people.” – Allen West

West is also controversial because he pokes a stick into the intellectual contradictions of liberal progressivism.  Leftists fear him because “[I’m] a black American who wants a better life and a smaller government.

I remember Lieutenant Colonel Allen West for what he did during the early months of the Iraq War.  Commanding a Field Artillery battalion in Taji, Iraq, he received information about a plot to ambush his unit.  The plot involved an Iraqi police officer who West had his men detain.  To force the policeman to provide details, West personally fired his pistol near the officer’s head. LTC West was charged with violating Army regulations and found guilty.  West accepted the judgment and retired.

The story does not end there.  LTC West became a hero to many, for what he did was the epitome of great leadership.  He showed that he deeply cared about his battalion soldiers and would “walk through hell with a gasoline can” to protect them.  West was wrong, but few real officers would not have done the same thing.  He makes you ‘feel’ great as a real American.

It should come as no surprise that his popularity translated into him winning an election as part of the Republican Party in Florida.  West’s rhetoric won him both support and condemnation from differing groups along the American political spectrum.1  Many view him as a torchbearer and conservative icon.

Allen West and I have similar views of all the various forms of socialist governance (see some of my articles here, here, and here).  They all fail.  They all fail spectacularly, despite the tinkering on the margins of neo-Marxist ideology.  West is willing to stand up and be heard; he doesn’t take mille-mouthed, leftist politicians for granted and is ready to go toe-to-toe with them.  This, I like about him.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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20 thoughts on “Political Leadership: Allen West

  1. Jackie De

    Indeed, great man. Americans must have more men like Allen West.

    1. Honey Flower Betsy

      I agree. Many men are out there like him and we need to encourage them, not discourage them as so many in our society do today. So many are saying that masculinity is bad. Actually it’s good. Just take a look at Allen West as the epitome of a great example.

  2. Mr. T.J. Asper

    Good man, both in morality and leadership. Others have said it but it does bear repeating that Allen West is the kind of man that we all need in leadership positions. I’ve seen men like him do very well (as he has done). He is willing to put himself out front of everyone in order to ensure good succeeds.

    1. Dennis Mathes

      True, Allen West is a good man and we do need more like him. Sadly we get crazies like Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi in Congress and their destructive behavior and radical progressivism is destroying much of what we Americans stand for.

      1. Snoop Dog

        Yes, and most people would agree except the emotionally insane (read that as Joe Biden supporters).

  3. Willie Shrumburger

    I for one will support any political position that Allen West would be willing to take on. I would even campaign for him. American must have more people like Allen West, period. As Gen. Satterfield says, being tough and smart is an advantage. Allen West is more and much more.

  4. Max Foster

    Gen. Satterfield, thanks for pulling out Allen West. He is a great man. I wish only that the liberals had not attacked him so along with our socialist news media. He needs to come back into politics where he can do the most good for all.

    1. Paul D. Sanders

      Yes, and at the federal level. Maybe someday he will. Fortunately he is young enough.

  5. Martin Shiell

    Another article in a mini-series on political leadership. Yes, Allen West is a conservative but also a thoughtful conservative. We need more men like him and less like Mitt Romney who is a plug for whackos everywhere, esp. liberals.

    1. JT Patterson

      Mitt Romney… I’m so glad he was defeated as president. His milktoast way of leadership would surely have failed.

  6. Nick Lighthouse

    Allen West is a hero of America. I don’t write that lightly but only thru considerable re-thinking about what a “hero” is and what a hero does. Col. Allen West is a real hero.

  7. Dead Pool Guy

    Gen. Satterfield, thank you for this article on Allen West. I followed his story when things didn’t go well for him in combat. He did, in my honest opinion, the right thing when he pushed hard on an Iraqi police officer that was really a terrorist.

    1. Honey Flower Betsy

      SHould have shot the Iraqi police officer. That would have meant the world had one less terrorist. Our “rules of engagement” put the burden on our troops and let the enemy go wild with do anything anytime anyplace without restriction. That is a rule of games that does not work. The higher ups in the US military did not serve their troops well and our political elite failed them as well. Slow Joe Biden, if he becomes president, will harm our military in ways similar to what anti-American Barack Obama did.

  8. Kenny Foster

    Not many people will have heard of Allen West but that is because – and only because – they are voluntarily ignorant of what is happening in the world. This man is they kind that all of us need. Thanks to Gen. Satterfield, we have Colonel Allen West in an article to ‘share’ on social media.

  9. Ronny Fisher

    Truly a decent man, religious, family man, devoted to helping others. This is the kind of man we all want to be around. For it is this type of person that makes our communities better and our nation safer. Yet, he is disparaged by the loony leftists that want to turn our nation into a puddle of socialist slime.

    1. Linux Man

      You are sooooo right, Ronny. Too bad that the little-brained socialist snowflakes of the younger generation cannot see the future without their rose-colored commie glasses. They will eventually have to pay the price for their blindness and we will share that cost (unfortunately).

      1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

        Yep, spot on comment. I’m glad I had a few minutes to read the forum from Gen. Satterfield and see the additional info on Allen West. Thanks all and have a Merry Christmas.

    2. Stacey Borden

      Good comments. Another excellent article on political leadership. 😊


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