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By | January 22, 2020

[January 22, 2020]   “I have a plan for that.”  There is a bit of good humor in that quote.  Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat from the state of Massachusetts and says that she has a detailed, realistic plan for being president, fixing problems at the national level, and for just about anything else.  There is one big problem that she must overcome if she expects to get elected.  She takes freedom with the truth.

All politicians lie, misled, and distort the truth.  Candidly, all U.S. presidents have lied and so have all of us.  Nevertheless, the perception that Elizabeth Warren is guilty of making up some big whoppers is starting to catch on.  Some in the media blame sexism for this view.  Maybe there is some truth to both sides of this thinking.  It does effect her likability and Warren must come to terms with it or she will not be elected.

Elizabeth Warren has many leadership characteristics.  Note that there are many here that are common with great leaders:

  • Intelligent
  • Focused and Strong-willed
  • Unapologetic
  • Inspires Hope and Appeals to the Heart
  • Coalition builder
  • Calculated risk-taker
  • Strong in her convictions

“People feel like the system is rigged against them, and here is the painful part, they’re right.  The system is rigged.” – Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Presidential candidate1

This quote by Elizabeth Warren is typical of the Progressive movement within the Democratic Party and is an old idea used with relative success for at least half a century.  Warren differs from other presidential candidates by being very specific about why it is so and what she will do to overcome the problem.  Medicare for all is one of those plans to fix it.  How to pay for her program, she has not given much detail other than “taxing the rich.”

Elizabeth Warren, like Bernie Sanders, can be preachy and angry at times.  Unlike Bernie, her particular problem is that it makes her look phony.  No woman has ever been elected president of the United States.  Many say that it’s due to the sexist nature of American society.  Bluntly, in the presidential competition, excuses don’t fly anymore.

Warren is a long shot at the presidency, and she will have to compete against men.  The on-going presidential competition doesn’t allow excuses for failure.  Yes, Elizabeth Warren can overcome her inclination to blame others for keeping-her-down as a woman.  She also has a good shot at being president.


Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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41 thoughts on “Profile:  Elizabeth Warren

  1. Bart Rhodes

    The I-have-a-plan for everything lady is declining in the polls just as she continues to drift leftward into extremist positions. She is also a screecher.

  2. Dr. William Blake, Sr.

    “I have a plan for that”…. pow! Couldn’t have said it better than her. I have a plan in the election and Elizabeth Warren is the last person I would vote for in this election. Oooopps, Hillary Clinton is the last one. Maybe they should team up!

  3. Delf "Jelly" Bryce

    I see that Elizabeth Warren is starting to crash in the polls. I wonder why that is. The reason is not the Impeachment of Trump and Warren’s absence from the campaign trail. So why?

    1. Mark Evans

      Maybe its her. She is a screecher much like HIllary.

  4. Bill Sanders, Jr.

    Excellent summary of the main characteristics of Elizabeth Warren. As a senator in Mass. she did a pretty good job. But she is distancing herself from her accomplishments and instead is putting victimhood as a way of explaining not doing better. Sad case of PC ideology jumping into her brain. This is why she will NOT win the presidency.

    1. Fred Weber

      Mr. TJ, when the picture popped onto my screen, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Thanks for a good humor day.?

  5. Dale Paul Fox

    Now, the women of the Democratic Party are starting to sue each other for “defamation”, of course what else. When you throw around accusations that are obviously fake and plan to get away with it, well that might be a problem in your wallet. Here is the issue, Democrats are habitual liars, it just a means to an end. While this is only between these two, the fact that Lizzy Warren is also a liar extraordinaire, means she might be sued also and soon. Let’s see. Please, pass the popcorn.
    “Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Files Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton Over Defamatory Statements”

    1. Tomas Clooney

      Dale, you’ve got something here. Just in, Gabbard sues Clinton. Good news for those who hold accountability sacred.

      1. Xavier C. Dominique

        We should follow this closely but also attempt to predict what will come of the lawsuits. By doing so, we can test our ideas about leadership.

    2. Len Jakosky

      “Accountability?” Nothing going on here, move along.

      1. Scotty Bush

        I once had a politician tell me that the only thing that held him accountable at all was a vote (or non-vote) on election day. Another example of politicians without morals.

  6. Darryl Sitterly

    I can spot a fake from miles away and Elizabeth Warren is a big fake. When Donald Trump called her Pocahontas, I nearly fell out of my living-room chair with laughter.

  7. Eva Easterbrook

    As a woman, I’m embarrassed to be represented by Elizabeth Warren. She claims to represent women. What a joke.

    1. Bryan Lee

      My wife said exactly the same thing. When you have someone as smart and accomplished as E. Warren, then you have a substantial advantage over many people. To act like a ‘victim’ of society is completely unnecessary.

  8. Darwin Lippe

    The New York Times editorial board endorsed both Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. That is so odd. I guess they know neither will win so why piss off their liberal readers. Identity politics at its finest. We should study it closely to see how not to be.

  9. Max Foster

    Ouch, and now Hillary Clinton is back in the picture. Hillary is the meta-example of a woman who plays the victim card. Hillary has a million excuses why she lost against Donald Trump. None are worth even saying. You lose, you lose period. Excuses don’t cut it. My favorite and the one Warren will use is that America is a sexist country. But wait, Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump so how can her loss be sexist? Simple, her campaign strategy was a huge failure by campaigning in states that were going for her anyway. Will Warren make the same mistake?

    1. ZB22

      Hillary Clinton is another woman who embarrasses other, honest women. Shameful person and one you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. You might commit suicide.

    2. Kenny Foster

      Thanks for the reminder Max and this is a point often overlooked. It says something about Hillary Clinton (not something good) and about her professional friends.

      1. Tony Custer

        Kenny, I don’t think Hillary has friends like you and I have. She has people around her that suck power off her and Hillary perhaps even know it.

  10. Lynn Pitts

    Elizabeth Warren makes women look bad. Gosh, if you are gonna run for high office, then simply tell the truth. Use your experience, intelligence, and your coalition of people around you to make you case. Lying only corrupts you.

    1. Jane Fillmore

      Good point, Lynn. It’s a sad day for women when someone like her openly and boldly lies about her past and her abilities.

    2. Linux Man

      What’s so problematic about this is that she didn’t have to go down that lane and distort, mislead, and lie. Why?

  11. Doc Blackshear

    She is so intelligent and strong-willed. So why lie?

    1. Dennis Mathes

      At first, I was going to write that this is what politicians do. But that is a lazy argument, of course. Warren lies because she is in the habit of doing so. As the lies compound, she has to stack more lies on top of them to make herself look better. This is a classic kids’ game of shifting blame away from them and onto somebody, anybody, else. Very immature and, oh, there is the Internet that captures what you have said in the past. Now we can make comparisons. Tough road ahead for liars.

      1. JT Patterson

        Very immature behavior, I agree. Personally, I don’t care why Liz Warren campaigns the way she does. Her policies matter most to me and how she builds coalitions of people. What I don’t like about her is that she claims to “have a plan” for that (whatever that is) but we never seem to get enough detail to evaluate it. What’s up with that?

    2. Jonathan B.

      …. and she does appeal to the heart. But she doesn’t do it in an open and honest way (although on the shallow surface it appears that way). Brush away the top layer of BS and you will find a habitual liar.

  12. Janna Faulkner

    The only way someone as dishonest as Elizabeth Warren can win the presidency is if Donald Trump is impeached and convicted (which will not happen). Warren will go down into the dustbin of losers and she brought it upon herself. Lying Lizzy, just don’t lie so much.

    1. Lady Hawk

      Democrats and liberal media figureheads have long decried the frosty perception many voters have of Warren as cynical and disingenuous as emblematic of deeply ingrained sexism rather than any actual failing on her part. Some sexist bias against female presidential candidates may certainly exist. But, mostly, Warren has her untruthfulness to blame for all the voters who think she can’t be trusted.

    2. Georgie B.

      The point of the article is that if you have a pattern (or habit?) of lying, you have given up on the trustworthiness angle when running for president. Warren is the kind of person that should never hold public office.

      1. Dead Pool Guy

        But the media continues to prop her up. Her fan base is a bunch of liberal, white, highly educated women. Very different from the grassroots organization of Bernie “Communist” Sanders.

  13. Doug Smith

    Warren has ‘evolving’ ethics and values. Makes you wonder if she really is trustworthy. Clearly she lacks the experience but drifting around about her policy proposals, events in her life (true or not), and those she has around her makes me a little concerned about her ability to do a big job and ‘get er done!’

  14. Harry Donner

    Eliz Warren needs to stop playing the victim card. That may help her with a few feminists but the rest of the world lives in reality.

    1. Ed Berkmeister

      Correct. That victim stuff may work at the local level and with a few leftist but it doesn’t work elsewhere. If you are the president of the strongest nation on earth and you don’t get your way, playing the victim card makes you look stupid, immature, and ungrateful. I don’t like Liz Warren and for some of these reasons.

    2. Tom Bushmaster

      YEAH, Lizzy, get off the victim card. Oh, you lied about it anyway.

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