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By | October 21, 2016

[October 21, 2016]  Great leadership means being capable of bringing people together to achieve a common goal.  Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for U.S. president, exemplifies this and other key leader qualities that are traditionally found in those individuals most successful in life and in politics.

Clinton was expected to be the Democrat nominee from the beginning of the race for the White House.  Her only opponent was a Socialist that had little to say other than life is unfair and we should do something about it.  She beat him soundly and was able to bring him to her side after his defeat.

Hillary Clinton possesses several leadership traits that are key for senior leaders:

  • Inspires hope and motivates people to action
  • Quick learner and extremely adaptable
  • Calculated risk taker
  • Politically well connected
  • Ruthless to her enemies
  • Coalition and partner builder
  • Successfully appeals to the heart

“The worst thing that can happen in a democracy – as well as in an individual’s life – is to become cynical about the future and lose hope.” – Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s message is founded on the principle that leaders provide hope and she’s capitalized on it throughout her political career.  She believes that many of our nation’s people, especially minorities and women, have not been given a fair deal and it is government’s primary role to ensure this does not happen.  Her latest campaign slogan, “We’re stronger together” exemplifies this.

Like all of us, Hillary Clinton is not perfect and her email controversy2 continues to dog her campaign as her explanation for it has shifted over time.  While there is a legitimate case for her failures on this, Clinton has worked hard to move beyond the topic and into those areas that show her strengths.

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  2. The controversy is really about exposing national secrets while trying to avoid public access to her conversations on a variety of confidential inner-circle topics. There are many other controversies that she has had difficulty with during her campaign.



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