Profiles: Amy Klobuchar

By | January 29, 2020

[January 29, 2020]  Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has a good track record of serving her constituents in her state.  As a Democrat, she follows the party line on nearly every major issue.  She has one characteristic that stands out and that is she is demanding of her staff and those around her.  This no-nonsense approach has served her well and that of those in her state.

Amy Klobuchar is a hard worker.  Combined with being intelligent, these are the two characteristics that are most closely associated with success in any field.  These traits also explain, in part, her ability to raise funds for her election and why she is still among the top Democrats remaining in the race.

But, she is not decisive, nor is she bold.  In every significant issue put forth by her party, she hedges her bets on each of them.  She says that she is “open” for discussion and we are starting to gather a “framework” for future conversation.  Some say she employs half-way measures and is never “all in.”

Of course, Amy Klobuchar has several essential characteristics.  Also, take note of those from yesterday’s summary of key traits (see link here):

  • Pragmatic
  • Demanding
  • Intelligent and Articulate
  • Civil
  • Tough negotiator
  • Hard worker and Resilient
  • Loyal to her state of Minnesota

“To me, a public servant should have both the grounding and the compassion to carry the common sense and goodwill of his or her neighbors into the political arena.” – Amy Klobuchar, U.S. Presidential candidate1

Media reports note that Klobuchar has been dogged by reports she abused and demeaned staff, including throwing a binder that “accidentally” hit a staffer.2  I will say to the media reporting this, please grow up now before you embarrass yourself even further.  She has announced that she can be hard at times and can be a “tough boss.”  If you want to be president of the United States, that characteristic is what we should all want.

Senator Klobuchar would like to hold those working for her, and the nation, to high standards.  That is an excellent way of getting the attention of all voters.  But, the proof of this is how she acts during her time in office.  So far, her track record on this issue is still out.


Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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24 thoughts on “Profiles: Amy Klobuchar

  1. Gil Johnson

    Amy, what are your ideas? Don’t just stand AGAINST something, stand FOR something. Here is a quote from her presidential Internet site.
    “As president, Amy will look people in the eye, tell them the truth and govern with integrity. If you think it’s time America had a president who does the same, join Amy to stand up to Donald Trump and say that people matter.”

  2. Kenny Foster

    …. oh, did I say she was boring?

    1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

      Hey Kenny, did you see the Trump rally in New Jersey last night. He is not boring. Amy could take a lesson from Trump but she is so into hating Trump that it blinds her when he shows how to win.

  3. Albert Ayer

    I think she is a great candidate and I would vote for her today. She is cool, smart, and doesn’t hesitate to take on Donald Trump. Let those who don’t like her just go elsewhere and vote for someone going down like Bernie Sanders (radical communist).

    1. old warrior

      From her website: America needs a candidate who can beat Donald Trump and get our country back on the path to progress with an ambitious, optimistic economic agenda.
      ?? Has she been awake these past 3 years ??

    2. Tracey Brockman

      Huh!!! I think this was written by a political consultant. Amy, a bit of advice, write your own website info. If you want to get elected, tell us what you want to do and how to do it. Don’t rely on mishmash words.

  4. Len Jakosky

    “Senator Klobuchar supports abolishing the electoral college.” via NPR

    1. Doug Smith

      Why would she dishonor the foundations of our democratic republic? What a stupid comment by her that she would not support the electoral college. I see, when things don’t go your way, just change the rules. Didn’t she ever take a course in college on the history of the US and its govt structure? Someone said she was smart. Obviously she is not.

      1. Mr. T.J. Asper

        I agree Doug and Amy K is just another Democrat lemming running with the pack. If she wants to be elected (of course, why not) then she needs to support the United States and not be a naysayer.

  5. Wilson Cox

    Boring candidate. She cannot win. No matter how much “lipstick we put on the pig” it matters not. Amy will never win and she doesn’t have the push to cross the finish line. She is up against great name recognition and a great deal of money that will not go to her. Biden and Bernie will stomp her.

  6. Yusaf from Texas

    FROM THE CANDIDATE Amy Klobuchar – “Our democracy doesn’t work if we can’t protect and expand the right to vote. Loved spending time with @MoveOn at the #BigIdeas Forum today to talk about some of my big ideas: registering everyone to vote at 18, restoring voting rights and stopping voter suppression.”

    1. Eric Coda

      Is this The radical group that is anti-democratic? The same? Who you associate with says a lot about your character.

    1. Lynn Pitts

      I predict Donald Trump. Anyone else is unimportant.

  7. Greg Heyman

    I’m not so sure that this list of Amy K’s leader characteristics are all correct. She is smart, I will give you that. But I don’t think she is that pragmatic. I base this on her performance on the campaign trail. If you’d asked me this a few years ago, I would have agreed. But she adopts positions that are NOT practical as a presidential candidate. She has, like the others, drifted leftward politically. That will work against her because she is now no standout.

    1. Jerome Smith

      Hmmmm, you might be right about this Greg. I too see her saying things that just make my head spin. She is not as practical anymore when compared to where she was only recently.

  8. Army Captain

    Good article, Gen. Satterfield. I am certainly enjoying your series on political candidates. It has been nice to read about them and their strengths and a little on their weaknesses.

  9. Eva Easterbrook

    I see Amy Klobuchar’s campaign tanking about now. Why? Good question and I don’t have the answer but she is not BOLD enough to get her message across. Being “bold” is a leadership trait as a politician that is key to winning people over to your side.

    1. Ruth M. McMasters

      Good comment, Eva. Yes, she is only hanging on by her finger tips at this point. At least she is still in the game but i foresee her falling out soon. With the NYT endorsement (along with Elizabeth Warren), there might be some improvement but I doubt it.

    2. Scotty Bush

      She is not the type of person I would vote for in a presidential election. She is just too reserved.

      1. Tom Bushmaster

        Yep, how do you expect to go up against foreign leaders when you just sit there and say little. You can’t win over foreign leaders or aggressive domestic leaders all by intellect.

    3. JT Patterson

      Yep, she’s going down. Not that this is an insult but a practical observation. Any one can see it.

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