Promises for the New Year 2021

By | December 28, 2020

[December 28, 2020]  As we approach the New Year, I am reminded of my dad who used to say that the upcoming year is like a great movie waiting to be written.  This year 2021, there are promises that I have made.  Perhaps others should be making similar promises.

I had a friend in the 1st Cavalry Division that used to promise us, his teammates, every day that he would do everything he humanly could to protect us from the enemy.  Combat patrols were common and during our pre-combat briefings, he would stand up and make that promise.  One day, I asked him what would happen if I one of us were killed.  He said, so matter-of-factly, “Then, I will carry your body home, where it belongs.”

Here are 30 promises that I make myself for the New Year 2021:

  1. I will expect more from myself.
  2. I promise to laugh more.
  3. I promise that I will take on life’s obstacles with a better attitude.
  4. I will not act or speak from a position of hate, jealousy, anger, envy, or dishonor.
  5. I promise to complain less and appreciate more.
  6. I will always look for the good in people and to treat everyone with respect.
  7. I will create a sense of purpose to bring meaning into my life.
  8. I promise to trust more and doubt less.
  9. I promise to dispense with bad habits and walk away from things that hold me back.
  10. I will take full responsibility for my actions and my words.
  11. I promise to walk by faith, even when I cannot see.
  12. I promise to never lie, cheat, or steal.
  13. I promise to forget those things that need to be forgotten and remember times with good friends.
  14. I will ask for directions when I need them.
  15. I promise to see the beauty in all things.
  16. I will seek strength of mind and body.
  17. I will walk with my head held high and never back down from fear or man.
  18. I promise to never kneel to another person.
  19. I will be thankful for everything I possess but especially for my wife and family.
  20. I promise to not procrastinate.
  21. I will think of all people who make the world a better place and thank them in my prayers.
  22. I will listen more and talk less.
  23. I will be prepared (my Scouts will be happy to know this).
  24. I will be who I am and not try to be someone else.
  25. I will take on my weaknesses to make them less of a problem.
  26. I promise to be brave, no matter what happens.
  27. I will deliver on all my promises.
  28. I promise always to do the right thing even when doing it is hard.
  29. I will do more for my community.
  30. … and I promise to be there for others when they need me.
Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I'm Doug and I provide at least one article every day on some leadership topic. I welcome comments and also guests who would like to write an article. Thanks for reading my blog.

19 thoughts on “Promises for the New Year 2021

  1. Willis Sands

    Gen. Satterfield, you sure hit the bullseye with this list. Now, if only people would pay attention. I doubt it, however.

  2. Jessie MacD

    Be an American Patriot. That is what I promise myself.

  3. Wilson Cox

    “I will deliver on all my promises.” Now, if just could keep this one promise, all others will fall into place.

    1. Fred Weber

      Yep, you got that right, Wilson. I’m a regular reader of Gen. S’s blog and keep finding your comments to be right on-point. Thanks for your thoughtful analysis and laying out the argument so well.

  4. Melissa Jackson

    I’m new here but love the website, its clean interface, and how everyone gets right to the point.

  5. Joe Omerrod

    The New Year 2021 is upon us and Gen. Satterfield has laid out a good plan. Make promises for yourself ( I call them resolutions and he has in the past). Great blog for many years. I know that Gen. Satterfield started this blog before he retired and it has developed well in those years since. Keep up the great work.

    1. Dale Paul Fox

      Yes, and I look forward to many more years coming back here to learn more. 👍

  6. Valkerie

    General Satterfield, I’ve been a reader and occasional commenter on your blog for a year or so and I just want to say that this site is my favorite. Especially since the comment forums have taken off and that there is good content to read. I can also get a better understanding of a question that I may have or a lack of clarity. Thanks for setting this up for us.

  7. Harry B. Donner

    Great article, once again. Thanks. More insight that we should all be paying closer attention to.

  8. Yusaf from Texas

    Excellent blog posting this morning, Gen. Satterfield. I found the list not just interesting but something to remember always. I would add that I should avoid being overly self-confident and not narcissistic.

    1. JT Patterson

      Yes, be humble. That is what Gen. S. would say. Pay attention, stay focused, work hard, and be honest. Those are the promises that I’ve made to myself and it works pretty darn good.

  9. Tom Bushmaster

    An interesting set of promises. I see ‘leadership’ within them, not just ‘values.’ Many are regular themes of Gen. Satterfield’s blog. For example, 5, 10, and 12 are common. Also 18 and 23 are not new but have been emphaszied more lately. Thanks for all the great work that has been done up to this point with Gen. Satterfield and his blog.


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