Put Your Heart Into It

By | May 23, 2014

By guest blogger Jonathan Silvestri

[May 23, 2014] In his guest article today, Jonathan Silvestri discusses the importance of putting “your heart into it.” In other words, he is saying that passion plays a critical role in our lives and what we do and as such we should recognize that it is what makes sports, which is a very complex enterprise, so successful – in fact sports teams depend upon passion as the basis of their very existence.

Heart-Sports-300You watch as a stadium full of fans go wild as their quarterback throws the game-winning touchdown. Strangers hug one another as the hitter launches a walk-off grand slam into the upper deck. A little boy cries tears of joy watching his favorite hockey player hoist the Stanley Cup. Thousands of people come to their feet in the stands as the game winning, buzzer-beater shot goes into the basketball hoop. Each and every one of these people, no matter how much of a stranger they are to one another, share the same attribute. Their heart is in the game.

Sports exists for us to watch our favorite teams compete for glory and success. We love to see their passion and joy as they succeed, and share their sadness and frustration when they fail. But, just as they show us their passion and heart, so must we show them our passion and heart. Talent is ideal, but motivation is necessary to succeed.

While these teams provide us with entertainment, the job is not a one-way street. We need to show up and show our support for our players. Without it, they won’t have a reason to try to compete, which can initiate a domino-effect that leads to poor management, poor player development and, ultimately, the departure of that team.

But management will notice passion. They will see that the seats are filled every night, the people pulling as hard as they can for their team to win the game. The players will draw energy from the cheers and the shouts. They will elevate their game to the next level.

Support your local teams. Show up and cheer for them. Your cheer could inspire others to cheer. Passion is a special thing-all it takes is a little push for it to get started, then it will spread like wildfire to others.

Just cheer.

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