Race, Character, and the Government

By | September 21, 2014

By guest blogger Sadako Red [see disclaimer]

[September 21, 2014] Greetings to all leaders! I didn’t write my column for a bit; alas I have a life, small as it is. Football season is here and that means we’re ready for cooler temperatures; and here in Washington DC that will be a welcomed relief. What the football season will not do for us is cool off the political rhetoric about “race.”   In my column today I propose that among our most senior political leaders that the “race” of a person means everything and “character” means little. Whenever race and character are in competition, race wins out over all other traits combined in our federal government and this is true for everything: hiring, promotion, the passing of laws and regulations, and the attention of our government’s most trusted elected officials and most senior civil servants.

Our senior-most leaders “see” things in a racial context even when it does not exist. The reason is simple, they get vast attention from the left-of-center media when they do and they get votes to keep them at the tit of the government pig. That’s right folks, the government is like a pig (yes, I’m offending pigs) because it’s fat, slow, and stupid. Politicians at this level are addicted to the money, power, and the lavish attention paid to them. That’s why in political circles the priority of attention is first to race (includes ethic groups), then to gender, and then maybe, just maybe, to religion and then all the other lesser issues like handicap, sexual orientation, etc. These guys are very visual and personal character is something you can’t see; otherwise, it’s not important to them unless they’re getting political pressure. Don’t believe me?   Just ask them and they just might tell you the truth; oh, the truth doesn’t mean much to them?

Readers, I know what you’re thinking – I’m just a racist, sexist, and mean person pointing out minor flaws in our political system. Here’s the little secret Washington doesn’t want you to know ….. this is not something minor! It’s endemic and it’s been in the open since President Clinton helped get it going strong. All of the American federal government agencies have an unwritten and unspoken secondary purpose and that is to provide employment to those less capable of making it in the business world. Ever wonder why government employees are generally inefficient, possess poor customer skills, don’t show up to work, and have no accountability? I’m including the military in this too. Character is simply unimportant while visible things, like race and gender, are essential to our political elite.

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Author: Sadako Red

Disclaimer: I chose the pen name Sadako Red in order to remove any notoriety reflecting on my other real job as a very senior executive in the Department of Defense. Naturally, my opinion is my opinion only and despite DoD wanting to associate with my fine work, they cannot have it. Trust me, they want it. Trust me, they can’t stand for it.

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