Reading List (Update)

By | June 20, 2014

[June 20, 2014] Looking back at the books I read as a junior officer, I came upon one of my favorites. This one is a serious handbook for aspiring leaders who can learn how to achieve seemingly impossible goals. It made a difference for me and I remember it well. If you look at book reviews on-line, you will find this is one of the highest rated books on leadership.

Lead On: A Practical Approach to Leadership. Rear Admiral Dave Oliver, Jr., 1992

This book is best for those who are disturbed by the feel-good style of leading today. RADM Oliver uses many examples from his own experience as a U.S. Navy officer and from history of the nuclear navy where failure can mean death. He is able show what life and leadership is about in an easy to read style. There is no political correctness or BS in this book. He takes on difficult subjects like pressure, risk, winning, and losing. RADM Oliver writes about ordinary people in extraordinary situations, achieving extraordinary results through simple wisdom. I’m told the book is out of print but it might be found at or some other similar site. My copy cost $7.50 at the Fort Benning, GA military bookstore.

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