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By | January 5, 2016

[January 5, 2016]  As I promised earlier about how I’m changing, my Reading List is undergoing some changes.  First, I’ll sometimes have more than one book (one on the subject of leadership and the other on something of interest).  Second, I’ll make a few additional changes in my narrative that shows how the book is relevant and worth reading.  All books that make the list will be on my highly recommended reading list.  Some of the books are new, published in the last year, and some are older but still timely in the author’s message.

Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life, Eric Greitens, 2015.

Navy SEAL writer Eric Greitens, Ph.D., exposes the need for people to find their own way to getting around some of the greatest obstacles they will experience in their lives.  The format of the book is a collection of letters between Eric and his struggling friend Drew, another Navy SEAL.  Yes, the book is about how resilience is an essential ingredient in our personalities that ensure that we succeed but the book is also about the fact that there is no single path or no one-size-fits-all tactic to success.  Eric recognizes that we are each different requiring different solutions.  He offers suggestions to do this and does so with stories of overcoming from people who’ve gone through tough times that can be used as a way – not the only way – for us to use.  Eric also offers various individuals (scientists, soldiers, philosophers, etc.) from the past to illustrate concepts.  By doing so he is showing us ways to live your life to the fullest wisely and through wisdom the best way we can.  Excellent book and highly recommended.

Marcella’s Italian Kitchen, Marcella Hazan, 1986.

Known as the godmother of Italian cooking in American, chef and Italian cook Marcella Hazan has one of the best cookbooks of all time in this version of her successful book.  If you’re interested in authentic Italian home cooking, this book is a manual for cooks at every skill level (although it is best if you have some basic knowledge).  The cookbook contains not just detailed recipes but also funny anecdotes that make for pleasurable reading.  Best book for those who have a strong interest in Italian cooking but also for anyone who likes darn good food.  Recommended for the cook in the family.

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