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By | May 29, 2016

[May 29, 2016] As Summer approaches and the weather turns warmer, my reading begins to decline. I’m trying however to reverse the trend of my youth of not reading during our break between school years. It’s working but not easy. Today I have two good books that are stories about World War II. They helped me put war into context for tomorrow and Memorial Day. Good reading!

The Liberator: One World War II Soldier’s 500-Day Odyssey from the Beaches of Sicily to the Gates of Dachau, Alex Kershaw, 2013

Author Alex Kershaw tells the story of a U.S. Infantry unit from mid-1943 to the end of World War II. It chronicles the unit, the Thunderbirds, and Colonel Felix Sparks, from beach landings to celebration. It’s the tale of survival, horror, fear, as well as comradery, honor, bravery, and selfless service. While the book is more history than anything else it does lay bare the stories of the men who took the battle to the enemy and won convincingly. It shows what happens to men under stress and the events that lead to events we can barely conceive. Very readable and a wonderfully written. Highly recommended.

A Higher Call: An Incredible True Story of Combat and Chivalry in the War-Torn Skies of World War II, Adam Makos and Larry Alexander, 2014

A different kind of book I normally recommend here at It’s about the story of two pilots of World War II from opposite sides of the war. The book is completely factual and are depicted as they happened and tells us about the war from the perspective of two men who experienced war in its most brutal form. But it also , the informs us on chivalry and the code of honor among airmen that is often overlooked in today’s introspection about the war and our current propaganda. Another highly recommended book.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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