Refreshing, Witty Comedian Matt Rife

By | November 22, 2023

[November 22, 2023]  I love comedy because it simply makes me laugh.  A “new” comedian has come on strong over the past few years, and that guy is Matt Rife.  He’s young, energetic, exciting, insulting, and very very funny.  You will not regret listening to him.

Matt Rife pokes at the edges of personal relationships, makes fun of everybody, and twists reality whenever he does one of his standup gigs.  For example, he compares his job as a cross between being a Stripper and a Poor person.  You have to watch him to see how he manages that mix-up.

Matt was born in 1995 (now that is young compared to most of us here) and comes from Ohio.  He first became interested in comedy at 14 and started professionally at 15.  Now, that is a success story.

As he notes in an NBC New York station interview, he has had to work hard, and despite being young, he is not an overnight sensation.  He has worked hard at his comedic trade for more than a decade.  And while TikTok and other social media have helped propel him to greater popularity, he regularly plays off the terrible effects that such a platform gives us.  Note that he has over 18 million followers on TikTok.

He’s now on his world tour and his Netflix show just hit a week ago.

I first learned of Matt Rife from Officer Tatum on X.  Tatum shows part of Matt Rife’s routine when he triggers Leftists over domestic violence with a joke and refuses to apologize.  Yes, comedians walk the edge, and that is what makes them who they are.


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25 thoughts on “Refreshing, Witty Comedian Matt Rife

  1. Len Jakosky

    Ha Ha, if you don’t like this guy, even with his edgy jokes, then you need to get a life. Thanks Gen. Satterfield for highlighting him.

  2. Eddie Gilliam

    I listen to Matt. He is real close to the edge. Humor sometimes at the dispense of other people limitations, life issues. Some people commit were that He’s to far. How far do you raise the risk. So many people with low self-esteem have tried to commit suicide resulting from school bullying ,workplace and community.
    When I read the age Matt started his professional career was 15. The thought came to me. “The Man in the Mirror. ” Why, because who determines when, how, where,what success we have is in the Mirror. YOU.
    Stop limiting yourself by where you was born or grew up, I’m too old, I’m a female, I’m not educated enough, my race, too short, too tall.
    The man in the mirror.

    1. Audrey

      Excellent point, Eddie. As a man of God, thank you for what you do for us and I thank you not just on Thanksgiving Day.

      1. Eddie Gilliam

        Tks audry. I’m just wanted to share the positive and negative in comedian. Yes I highly reverence God in my walk with him.

  3. Yiddy of Macedonia

    Another fantastic article highlighting, this time, a current comedian who is not scared by cancel culture.

  4. Liz at Home

    “He’s [Matt Rife] young, energetic, exciting, insulting, and very very funny. You will not regret listening to him.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield.
    This quote says a lot and when Gen. S. likes something, it may or may not be something we like (and he doesn’t care whether we do nor not). But it deserves looking at and trying to figure out why he likes it. So go figure out why he likes Matt Rife. Maybe because Rife is on the edge and has some sharp wit.

  5. Melo in Chicgo

    Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, all. Wishing everyone here who has become a sort of Friends Club after us sharing our thoughts, trails and tribulations with one another. It’s become a place we can share and debate ideas and behaviors and yet never have to worry about getting SHOUTED at or doxxed by some stupid Leftist/Liberal nutjob. There are plenty of duckflutes around as it is.

    1. False Idols

      Good one, Melo. I sure hope that you are no longer in Chicago because it is becoming too dangerous for families.

      1. Georgie B.

        Nah, he is long gone from Chicago. I used to live there but fortunately got out just before COVID whnen the city started downhill fast.

  6. Carrie Deal

    Very funny, yep. 🤩 Good to know that humor is not lost, despite the cancel culture of American radical Leftists 🏅

  7. Bill Sanders, Jr.

    Matt Rife has said his two biggest influences in comedy are Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais. He went on to say about them, “They’re both prolific comedians and writers and performers. And I would say they’re top three of all time. Both of their senses of humor and opinions and views on things are completely in line with how I think about things. And I think their style of comedy is definitely something I emulate, unintentionally.” I love this guy. Always on the edge.

    1. Good Dog

      I found this review enlighting:
      Man your material is gut-wrenching funny and I’ve been home sick all week long. I needed this laugh today, it gave me strength. I just watched ur NETFLIX SPECIAL and was screaming and clapping so hard it hurt lol! You covered it all and now we watch them eat themselves!! Lol high five, you certainly know how to lend a hand to this former sign language teacher.
      Thank you Matt ❤😂🤟🏼🙏

    2. Winston

      He is gifted to be that quick on the spot! A true comedian, unbelievable funny. Hope he has incredible success 😂😂😂

      1. Jonnie the Bart

        Yep, and while his humor may “offend” some of the snowflakes in our mist, he is the kind of person that will make them feel better moments later. Personally, I like his standup routine.

  8. Linux Man

    Happy Thanks giving (tomorrow) for everyone and please enjoy the holiday. 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃

  9. old warrior

    never heard of him until now. thanks to gen. satterfield for highlighting this comedian. everybody else thats a leftist can kiss my rear end

    1. JT Patterson

      You da man, old warrior, and I just love reading your content. Please post more here in the forum for all of us. Those on the edge like ‘old warrior’ and comedian Matt Rife have my vote.

    2. Harold M. Smith II

      old warrior, nailed it………. BTW, did you ever get a copy of Gen. Satterfield’s books? I did. You will find them refreshing and there is a bit of his dry humor int hem too. Get your copy and leave a comment on Amazon.

      “Our Longest year in Iraq”
      “55 rules for a Good life”


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