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[June 1, 2020]  As part of my continuing desire to streamline my leadership blog’s website, all social media links are removed.1  On a related topic, several regular readers of my site have written to complain that social media like Facebook and Twitter are blocking content the big companies don’t like.  LinkedIn also dabbles in censorship, and I’ve been on the receiving end of that censorship as well.

Social media has not impressed me when it comes to my leadership blog.  They drive very little traffic and are not worth my investment in time.  Thus, such a decision is really about the cost and time savings by removing social media from my website.  Their censorship is also part of why I made this decision.

I have advertised on Facebook and other sites and found that they do an overall good job of attracting readers to my website.  Remembering my original intent to help spread the word about relevant, current leadership topics, I’m still following my self-appointed task.  Six years ago, I adopted a New Year’s resolution on leadership.2  One of my 11 resolutions was to “Create a leadership Facebook page and solicit people to join it.”  Now, I feel comfortable breaking that pledge.

Leadership means a lot of things to a lot of people.  My recent turnaround on social media has been a long time coming.  My wife asked why it took so long for me to delete them from my blog.  Well, sometimes, I’m just a little slower than the average person.


  1. I removed the links but my social media sites, for the time being, remain active.
  2. 2014 New Year’s Resolution for Leadership:
Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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16 thoughts on “Social Media Links Removed from My Blog

  1. Ronny Fisher

    Social media is acting as an accelerant in these past few days with riots across the nation. They are part of the problem, certainly not the solution. Those who use social media (and those in those companies who allow it) are not good folks, if it is used for bad purposes.

    1. Gil Johnson

      Most people distrust the media, and most people are right. The media social or news media are extremely biases, purposefully so, and are proud of it. This may be the opposite of what we want media for but times have changed. And not for the better. So best to understand their bias and never believe fully what they show us or how they act.

  2. Janna Faulkner

    Good move, Gen. Satterfield. I agree with you about the censorship part. I don’t know much, however, about streamlining a website.

    1. Karl J.

      Right and I never clicked on them anyway.
      If you want to find his social media, then just search on his name.
      Thanks Gen. Satterfield for making the right move.

    2. Len Jakosky

      Yes, good move by Gen. Satterfield. I wish others would follow his example. These social media companies have become so economically successful it has lead their leadership to think that they are good at everything. But morality is consistently pushed to the side so that profit matters more. Funny how social media has become weaponized as a tool to destroy both democratic institutions and individuals.

  3. Kenny Foster

    The Black Lives Matter movement is largely behind the riots, looting, vandalism, and high level of violence thru-out the nation. Also, the Antifa movement is also part of it. Remember what they say, “we do it to rid the nation of evil.” BUT what is evil? Only their def matters.

    1. Harry Donner

      Correct and the liberal-leaning govt elites are on their side and will blame anyone for the problems except their allies and themselves. Typical ideologue.

  4. Tom Bushmaster

    It should come as no surprise that those of us using social media in our everyday lives, that they follow what we see and attempt to push us in an ideological direction they believe to be “good” versus what we want to see that they deem as “evil.” This is surely the start of another fascist-like movement. Just like the Nazi book burning in the 1930s.

    1. Max Foster

      Spot on comment. Today, censoring others is okay. The fact that the US has a first amendment doesn’t seem to guide those who self-identify as superior.

      1. Jonnie the Bart

        Correct, and they would also put those who think differently into jail if they had the power to do so.

      2. Randy Goodman

        Sad, but true. Too many people have been taught that they DESERVE to be given the fruits of the labor of others just because they are who they are. No respect is given but all is DEMANDED to be received.

  5. Doug Smith

    Good move, you should have done this sooner if you believe they are censoring certain people they don’t like. This is the end result of encouraging people to believe they can be morally superior to others.

    1. Newbie Yunger

      Yes, and I agree with Gen. Satterfield. Other ways of getting the word out is probably better.

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