U.S. Marine Corps Birthday

By | November 10, 2020

[November 10, 2020]  My Army buddies and I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the most incredible people who have ever lived, members of our nation’s military services.  One group that we especially liked are called U.S. Marines.  Hooah!  Today is the 245th birthday of the founding of the Marine Corps.

My wife, a real, down-to-earth army wife, asked me to write in this article that Marines are some of the most patriotic, honorable, and kick-butt folks she has ever encountered.  And don’t tell my Army buddies she said that.  We are a little envious of the Corps’ reputation and history.

The U.S. Marines had a promising start.  They were formed on November 10, 1775, eight months before the U.S. Declaration of Independence.  First led by Commandant Samuel Nicholas, this branch of the burgeoning Continental nation, the Marines were to oversee a mission of intercepting ammunition cargo from Britain.  Its core purpose was to provide security and support for the recently formed Continental Navy.

Marine friends of mine are quick to point out that being a “security and support” force for the U.S. Navy is only part of what they do.  To prove this point, they note the USMC’s birthday predates the U.S. Navy’s birthday.  But that is not the real story.  The Navy was created before the Marines, and it was due to the Navy’s leadership failing to adopt a firm birthdate until 1972.  Of course, this is a sticking point that Army vets are happy to exploit.

Core values of the Marine Corps are Honor, Courage, and Commitment. They are “the defender of America” and the first to help when action is needed immediately.  Marines are the elite of America’s military forces, they are noble warriors, and they are held in high distinction by our citizens.

Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, PA, is regarded as the birthplace of the Corps.  It is the location of the first Marines to enlist under Commandant Nicholas.  When the U.S. Revolutionary War ended in 1783, the Continental Navy was disestablished, and with it, the Continental Marines.  The Corps was re-established on 11 July 1798, when the act for establishing and organizing a Marine corps was signed by President John Adams.1

Today, we honor the history, values, and memory of our Marine heroes who have served and rekindle the bond that unites generations of Marines.  The day celebrates traditions of the Marine Corps with profound respect, paying tribute to the heritage of this distinguished service.


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15 thoughts on “U.S. Marine Corps Birthday

  1. Eva Easterbrook

    Very good. I’m married to a US Marine and my life is far better for that decision than anything else that I could have done in my life.

    1. Martin Shiell

      Yes, congrats Eva. Wishing you and your Marine husband the best of luck and happiness.

  2. Len Jakosky

    US Pres John Adams. I’m glad we had men like him. Re-establishing the Marine Corps was the best decision. It was hard because there was almost no money to do what needed to be done.

    1. Joe Omerrod

      Yeah, glad the Corps survived all the cuts in money and controversies, like merging with the US Army.

  3. Kenny Foster

    Excellent post. I had no idea. I agree and wish all Marines all the best and my utmost respect.

    1. Stacey Borden

      Interesting that it was the day before Veterans Day. Good timing. Of course, Veterans day came later. I still wonder how the Marines got their order of precedence before the US Navy. That is not yet well explained. I’m sure someone can tell me.

    1. Tom Bushmaster

      “From the past, we draw strength, pride, and a responsibility to carry on the warfighting heritage our predecessors built. We must also recognize our tradition of continuous adaptation–one that should inspire our current force modernization and innovation efforts,” Gen. Berger said.

      1. Newbie Yunger

        Best quote of the day. We should all recognize real men when we get a chance and acknowledge their leadership. I can’t help saying that it is really easy to recognize poor leadership and for those following politics here in the US, we can see where real leadership is lacking in the incoming administration – read that as Biden and Harris.

    2. Greg Heyman

      Good man, we need more real men like him. That is what being a Marine is all about. And, remember everyone that once he retires, he will still be a Marine. There are no ex-Marines.

  4. Army Captain

    Respect, if there is one thing I have to hand it to the USMC leadership is they certainly know how to keep and maintain a high degree of respect for the Corps.

    1. Forrest Gump

      Very true. And, of course, they deserve it. It’s not the pretty uniforms or cool weapons or their history but good leadership applied every day and in every circumstance.

    2. Janna Faulkner

      Yes, I do think that does it. Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps !!! ❤


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