10 Rules for Success: Morgan Freedman

[July 3, 2020]  Morgan Freedman is a famous American actor, producer, businessman, and activist.  His success as an actor is renowned throughout the world.  I like him because he has a view of the world that is similar to what I write about in this leadership blog.

Morgan Freedman has something many in Hollywood do not have.  He is a free thinker, and he will tell you honestly what he thinks.  Just ask him.  He doesn’t pull back on his thoughts, but he has a way with words that is inspiring, humorous, and witty.  When you combine these assets with intelligence and hard work, you get success.

He believes there is nothing wrong with having money, being successful, doing your best, and that you should stand up for what you believe is right.  Everybody can’t do this; some are strong, others weak, and many folks have regrets, but, as he says, “the bus runs every day.”  Get on it.  Here are his 10 rules for success.  You can hear him in this YouTube video1 (15:58 minutes):

  1. Be who you are.
  2. Build word of mouth.
  3. Be courageous.
  4. Always do your best.
  5. Live your craft.
  6. Find your path.
  7. Just do it.
  8. Learn from others.
  9. Hold on to your values.
  10. Have fun.

Morgan Freedman loves to fly.  When he joined the U.S. Air Force, he ran into a lot of problems because, in his words, he “didn’t fit.”  But Freedman did love to fly.  Yet, he didn’t like the idea of sitting in a plane with real guns that could kill real people.  Combat wasn’t acting, yet the acting is what Freedman wanted.  He loved the movies and to perform is what he wanted.

He tells us to be ready to learn.  Learn about professionalism.  Adopt the idea that you have to give 110 percent.  Be on time, know what you’re doing, do it full out, give all you can … that’s a lesson.

I learned from Morgan Freedman’s ideas about success.  His style is very straight forward.  I like that too.


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3fN41pif-4
Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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15 thoughts on “10 Rules for Success: Morgan Freedman

  1. Mr. T.J. Asper

    Smart, articulate, and down-to-earth man who is clearly focused and dedicated.

    1. Mr. T.J. Asper

      Oh, and Happy Fourth of July. Our experiment in freedom continues …..

  2. Dennis Mathes

    Another fitting article. I like the way these 10 rules are laid out. However, I don’t think these are his article articulated as “10 rules.” He just gives his ideas out and you (or someone else) put this list together. Valuable? Yes, very. But Gen. Satterfield also has his ‘rules for success’ too. Thanks all and enjoy the Fourth of July weekend. Be sure to “salute” America.

    1. Max Foster

      Good comment Dennis. I would also like to extend my wishes that we all celebrate America this July 4th. There will be “woke” crazies who will be protesting the founding of America. Why don’t they just leave the country? Why? Because they know what they say is the big lie but they fear being “outed” as a warmonger or something sinister. Moral courage is not something the protestors of the 4th will ever have.

    2. Jonathan B.

      Hmmmm, yes, there will be a few cowards running around with signs saying the world is coming to an end. Oh, my mistake, the signs will say Global Warming Kills. Oh, my mistake, now it’s “Defund the Cops.” So hard to keep up with my leftist friends most recent crusade. They are so superior to me that I’m just at a point that I’m not good enough to like their feet. Oh the travesty of the world. Barf! Can you see the sarcasm. I’m turning it off for now and going back to work, taking care of my family, and doing good for my local community.

      1. Georgie M.

        Jonathan, you’re killing me. I nearly barfed my morning cereal up thru my nose when I read your comment. ????

  3. Harry B. Donner

    So, Mr. Freedman’s personality didn’t fit the Air Force! I would think that he wanted to be an actor and that was that. True, he was/is successful and that says alot . BUt he also wasnot very flexible. I wouldn’t want to be a clerk typist (what he was to do). Good for him. Go for it, Mr. Freedman.

  4. Willie Shrumburger

    Excellent article and I’m glad I came to read it today. I see all his 10 rules for success. Maybe one day, Gen. Satterfield, you can elaborate on some of these. Much appreciated.

    1. Doc Blackshear

      Hi WIllie, i think that Gen. Satterfield has already discussed these items at length but it would not hurt to have a blog post on a couple of them. I would like to see them applied using today’s events so we can see where failure comes in when they go against the ‘rules.’

  5. JT Patterson

    Great man and a thinker too. So many of the Hollywood types are just talking heads; they know nothing but mouth the latest fashion statements so that they become “popular” (in their own minds, anyway).

  6. Eric Coda

    I love Morgan Freedman’s acting style. More so, that I like ACTION MOVIES and he is into action movies. Read a little about him and you will see that he doesn’t like to do ROMANCE movies or such. Batman, Glory, Robin Hood, and a host of similar movies are some of my favorites.

    1. Ronny Fisher

      Yes Eric, I’m also into action-type films that help get my brain blood circulating. My wife likes horror movies but I like the kind that Mr. Freedman is in.

      1. Yusaf from Texas

        Who wouldn’t love his movies. All action. Some real acting. And an easy to follow plot. Why do you need a real plot when there is plenty of action. Lights, Camera, Action!


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