21st Century Leadership Education

By | June 7, 2014

[June 07, 2014] Many authorities on education think they have the answer to teaching leadership for the 21st Century. Generally, their desire and motivation is present to teach basic and advanced leadership principles. They may have much of the answer right.

For educators trying to predict what the future will hold for leaders is not an exact science and difficult. Therefore, much of the leadership education has a broad focus. It is good news that some new elements to the training, like teaching the importance of cultural awareness, is a better fit in the global competitive economic system.

None of this is short-term education; it takes time, mentoring, and serious effort. They recognize that to be a good leader, a person must be balanced emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Add the right values and some passion and voilà … we have someone who has the basics for leadership.

Much of the education revolves around a number of enumerated skill sets. Below is a that list. I’ve distilled these from the many programs, both from formal education institutions and commercial enterprises.

  1. Values and Ethics
  2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  3. Creativity and Innovation
  4. Teamwork Building
  5. Cultural Awareness
  6. Social Responsibility
  7. Independent Learning

Actually, many believe this is comprehensive. Bringing in leaders from business, college, military, religious, and the political world helps enable the education to be more balanced. The education establishment may be onto something.

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