A Comment on Mask Mandates

By | January 8, 2022

[January 8, 2022]  As regular readers of my website know, this is not a medical blog.  But I do, on occasion, draw attention to issues within the medical community.  Visiting my physician for my annual checkup last month, she told me something everyone needs to hear, especially politicians who set policy on mask mandates.

Consensus within the medical community, but rarely talked about, is that the COVID virus is not going away, and we will therefore have to learn to live with it.  Vaccines, she noted, have minimal effectiveness in either preventing or stopping the spread of the virus.  Masks do virtually nothing and can hinder the social well-being of children.  Those are facts, but she is not allowed to speak the truth to her clients, else she will be fired from her job.

Censorship within the medical community is strong.

When forced masking was first discussed, I read the existing literature and found no evidentiary support for the practice.  And despite the best efforts of what can only be described as the mask religionists, there continues to be no credible data or research favoring a positive impact.” – Kevin Roche at the Healthy Skeptic

Forcing the masking of children is wrong, as they have a minuscule risk from the virus but are terrorized and deprived of normal social development that forced mask-wearing prevents.  Those who claim that masking children is just fine to ignore the clear data showing a massive uptick in mental health issues.

Wearing masks to prevent infection from the COVID virus is delusional.  It won’t work.  And, even if it did work on occasion, it will not prevent the virus from eventually entering your system.  We are all going to get the virus at some point.  As long as our hospital systems are not overwhelmed, the best course of action is to let the virus take its course.

Letting the virus run its course seems like a harsh recommendation.  Politicians pander to the medically uneducated by forcing lockdowns, masks mandates, and threats for those who do not receive the vaccine.  Their actions make them look concerned and that they are “doing something.”  That is not what a real leader does when faced with a crisis.

We have a monumental failure to do the right thing in our political class and a classic failure of good leadership.  And, frankly, I don’t expect them to change their chameleon colors on mask mandates anytime soon.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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34 thoughts on “A Comment on Mask Mandates

  1. Eye Cat

    “We have a monumental failure to do the right thing in our political class and a classic failure of good leadership. And, frankly, I don’t expect them to change their chameleon colors on mask mandates anytime soon.” … powerful and now that we are hearing the mandates are unconstitutional, the debate will continue.

  2. Walter II

    Why are masks mandated for kids when there is no evidence masks prevent the spread of the virus? “If it only saves the life of one child.” What? Lock down the world, destroy lives, etc. to ‘potentially’ save one child. Crazy is hardly good enough to describe the audacity of this comment.

    1. Pooch T.

      You nailed it, Walter II. Why? Power? Stupidity? Follow the leader? All wrong!

  3. MrJohn22

    Commonsense but runs against our gov’t narrative of masks masks masks and vaccine vaccine vaccine! Only heretics oppose it.

    1. Goalie for Cal State

      Watch what you write here Mr. John 22 because our government is monitoring what we have to say and are looking for “insurrectionists” and you don’t want to be in their crosshairs.

  4. Abdul

    So sad our leaders have no shame using kids for political purposes. Terrible! ☹️

    1. Dog Man

      The crazies are out there because we now give a trophy to losers. And, now we promote losers everywhere. We do that by lowering standards in the name of ‘diversity and inclusion.’ In the long run, it will not work.

  5. Dennis Mathes

    Hot-button topic. Gen. Satterfield is spot on with his commentary. The wannabe tyrants will not like what he has to say.

  6. Frank Graham

    Mask mandates have gone too far, period. We all know this now but many weak leaders refuse to stand up. Why? Simple, they are cowards and fear the backlash from the twitter mob.

    1. Eddie Ray Anderson, Jr.

      There will be a day – and it is coming soon – that we will look back on what we did to children and rue the day we harm them. That will be the consensus for all free thinking Americans. However, the whacko, lunatic left will never admit it. They are communists and the “state” is what matters and the state is NEVER wrong. Remember that next time you stand up at a school meeting and tell the politicians there that they are wrong. You will be labeled as not caring for the children when exactly the opposite is true.

  7. Valkerie

    While public schools got bogged down in pandemic politics, union-driven closures and a year and a half of mostly ineffective remote learning, Catholic schools in major cities have been continually open for in-person instruction since September 2020. Yea, for Catholic Schools. General Satterfield, you’re the best. Keep up or make up an opinion section for your blog.

  8. Don Snow

    “Monumental failure of leadership.” Nailed it!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Joey Holmes

    Mask mandates for children under 12 is child abuse because there is no scientific need to do so. It’s just people showing they are “concerned” about the virus and they are doing something that can be seen with the naked eye. Just pandering as Gen. Satterfield has noted.

  10. Georgie B.

    I’m with you on this one, Gen. Satterfield, well written and to the point. We should openly resist by refusing to comply with these mandates. Let them tell you over and over to wear a mask. Just say, “I’ll pray for you.” That drives them apeshit.

    1. Anya B.

      and resist more.
      Only by showing them they stand for something that doesn’t just do nothing but actually harms kids. Child abuse, yes it is.

  11. rjsmithers

    Another great article. File this one away for when real leaders take over in America and we can look back and say, ‘we told you so.’

  12. Autistic Techie

    Gentlemen, let’s not ‘mock’ these morons for their political views. We all have the right to be stupid and show our ignorance off in public. That’s what Americans are allowed to do. hahahahahha… we can however watch them slowly spin themselves to a point even they are embarrassed by their personal ignorance.

    1. Joe Omerrod

      Yeah, and I’m watching. They thrive on attention and I’m giving them attention, not. 👎

  13. Yusaf from Texas

    “Kyle Rittenhouse . . . used his semi-automatic weapon to kill two Black men in Kenosha, Wisconsin, while waging a glorious race war on behalf of his inherited White power.” — From National Geographic “Egyptologist” Kara Cooney’s “The Good Kings” …. just another liberal, leftist, progressive idiot who lies without consequences. But, We can mock her relentlessly. I will.

  14. Gil Johnson

    Autocracy in action! Slow Joe Biden in inaction. Dr. Fauci as moron. Even a First Grader knows better.

    1. Dale Paul Fox

      One example after another: from the news, “Pope Francis clearly has never had a dog. In the oddest pronouncement of his papacy, Francis — who took his name from St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals — said this week that choosing to have dogs over children “diminishes us, takes away our humanity.” I’m not sure what to say, except WHAT AN IDIOT?


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