A Lying Dog-Faced Pony Media

[July 6, 2024]  I want to thank Joe Biden for the moniker Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier, and today I’m using it as a descriptor for America’s left-wing media that has known about Biden’s mental decline for years but has failed to clue us in on the “secret.”  Carl Bernstein, the fabled Watergate reporter and anti-Trump cheerleader, just said he knew about this for at least 18 months.

Where were the media’s hot-dogged-investigative reporters during this time?  The answer is something we all know: they threw their morals – or lack thereof – in with the Democrat Party.  They came out stinking like any liar would when caught hiding one of the most critical facts affecting America in the past century: U.S. President Joe Biden’s mental collapse.

Before the recent presidential debate, Biden was “sharp as a tack,” and those saying he was feeble or had memory lapses were just partisan hacks talking about deep fakes, and trying to undermine democracy.  After the debate, Biden is suddenly feeble and has memory lapses, and we don’t want to mention democracy anymore.

“Having covered up Biden’s cognitive deficits and corruption (Hello, laptop from hell!) for four years, now the Pulitzer Prize-winning newsrooms are gaslighting us again, pretending they didn’t ignore signs of dementia in the commander in chief or harangue the few reporters in D.C. who tried to ask questions about it.  No siree, they would have us believe they covered the story relentlessly.” – Miranda Devine at the New York Post, July 3, 2024

Miranda Devine – a favorite reporter of mine – is correctly calling out the media for trying to show that they were in the know about Joe’s decline and are suddenly interested in convincing us they are still real journalists.  Devine wrote that after the 90-minute debate on live television, “they are like cockroaches scrambling to get out of the light that exposes their fakery.”  That is an apt description of a liar caught in the act.

There are too many leadership lessons to learn from this episode.  But the most important, I believe, is that the left-wing media is a threat to our republic.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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16 thoughts on “A Lying Dog-Faced Pony Media

  1. Fred Weber

    :It is impossible to exaggerate the role of the press in ignoring and suppressing President Biden’s incapacity over the years. It was only yesterday when news of Biden’s incapacity was deemed “misinformation” and “disinformation.” Now it’s a given. Biden has inadvertently exposed the mainstream media as tools and fools.” – Scott Johnson from PowerLineBlog in a follow-up article today.

  2. Gibbbie

    NEVER EVER EVER trust the media in America. Lying to help the Democrat Party is how they operate today. That is not typical but their history of trying to manipulate the citizenry is built into their DNA.

  3. MrJohn

    Either way with our MIA media, Biden’s not fit for the office, and has entered that stubborn stage of grumpy old man that wants you all off his lawn. We can’t have a president who is out to lunch all day and sleeps 12 hours, then has a nappy time, and has to have his ice cream on demand. And, sniffs little girls’ hair. And, well ‘come on man’ the big stuff like putting America on a weak path to destruction from within and without.

  4. Neat Man II

    Does anyone in their right mind wonder why the “big” media is crashing and burning?

  5. Saul McPherson

    Pro-Dem media’s flip on Biden shows how they shamelessly make up rules as they go along
    Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame recently told CNN viewers that people close to President Biden — people “who loved him, have supported him, and among them are some people who would raise a lot of money for him” — say his disastrous debate performance wasn’t a “one-off.” There have been, according to insiders, “15, 20 occasions in the last year and a half when the president has appeared somewhat as he did in that horror show that we witnessed.” Yeah, we know. All of us saw the horror show in a bunch of videos you hacks kept telling us was “misinformation” two weeks ago.

    1. ableist mas

      The media just being the media. Lying Lying Lying —–> more lying

      1. Billy Kenningston

        Just like the Hunter Biden laptop incident, like the freakouts over every lost Supreme Court decision, like the concocted “ethics” problems of Supreme Court justices, like the entire Russia collusion hoax, the Biden coverup is rationalized in the name of decency.

      2. JT Patterson

        Most of the big-political media have internalized the notion that their duty lies not to the truth but to upholding “democracy” — a malleable concept that can be roughly translated to mean anything Democrats decide on any given day.

  6. Lou Schmerconish

    Miranda Devine at the New York Post is excellent. I read her all the time.

  7. Winston

    “There are too many leadership lessons to learn from this episode. But the most important, I believe, is that the left-wing media is a threat to our republic.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield. I’d like for you, some day anyway, to lay out what these lessons might be. I also agree with Pres Donald Trump that the media is “the enemy of the people of America.” When they put their finger on the scales against one candidate, then they are trying to influence an election. That is election interference.

    1. ZB

      🔥 Winston, we know that to be true. But the Republicans are doing nothing about it, except producing a lot of hot air. 🔥

  8. OJ to Hell

    Carl Bernstein is now the face of the lying media. Just another scandal to add to the mountain of scandals that our leftist, anti-American media racks up. Lying is their specialty and they wonder why no one reads their screeds except a few uninformed citizens.

    1. Kenya

      Sometimes I just wonder what is going on in their heads when they violate the most basic principles of their profession.

      1. Laughing Monkey

        Nothing is in their brains and that is the problem. They just follow the program laid out in front of them by their masters. 👀👀👀👀👀👀


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