A New Direction of my Leadership Blog

By | July 13, 2022

[July 13, 2022]  Hummmmm, I’ve been hinting about changing the direction of my leadership blog for several months.  For regular readers, you certainly noticed some changes; more are due to appear over the next several weeks.

What is this all about?  Why would I change my blog, when it has been successful?

The truth is, I’ve wanted to shift my focus from senior leadership (where there is little good information to be had) to junior leadership (where there is a mountain of information).  Too much of the former pushed my blog into territory I felt it was not doing much good.  A greater emphasis on junior leadership allows me more freedom and a chance to add my voice to the knowledge already out for everyone to see.

Competition is good.  I will be competing with a larger array of leadership narratives and ideas.  This will make this blog better and more useful.  It will, I believe, make the value of studying leadership richer and more practical.

I’m interested in your feedback.  Please allow me to be humble enough to accept what you think as a positive response to these changes.  My skin is thick.  My ideas are not always new or presented in an entertaining fashion (they should be).  Comment Comment Comment.  That is my request of you.


Please read my new book, “Our Longest Year in Iraq,” on Amazon (link here).

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I'm Doug and I provide at least one article every day on some leadership topic. I welcome comments and also guests who would like to write an article. Thanks for reading my blog.

21 thoughts on “A New Direction of my Leadership Blog

  1. New Girl #1

    After reading today’s article (Thursday, 14 July), I can see the new direction already. Congrats to Gen. Satterfield for making his blog more open to junior leadership.

  2. Georgie B.

    A special congratulations to Gen. Satterfield for making the change. Note, however, that we’ve already been reading his changes. I just think he is making it official for now.

    1. osmodsann

      You’re are right, Georgia B. And I’ve certainly been enjoying the changes now for some time.

  3. Veronica Stillman

    I love new things. Let’s now see how well Gen. Satterfield can deliver. I am fully confident this “new direction” will be great for us all …. and entertaining too.

  4. Jordan Mansion

    Hi sir, I’m new to your blog and this is my first comment. I just wanted to say that I’ve been enjoying your leadership blog now for about three weeks and it is sure amazing the diversity of topics and wide range of ideas presented. I also like the fact that your blog is very practical and I don’t have trouble applying your concepts.

    1. JT Patterson

      Welcome Jordan, we hope to read more of your thoughts too.

      1. Dead Pool Guy

        Yes ….. welcome to the leadership forum where ideas can be expressed in a polite, logical way.

  5. rjsmithers

    I hope that many of us will be suggesting topics for you to write about!

  6. mainer

    Great news, Gen. S. I’m looking forward to reading more of your ideas.

  7. Mark Evans

    … I will also add to everyone’s attention this morning to read Gen. Satterfield’s book “Our Longest Year in Iraq.” Now that is a great book if you want to read about what happens when an army is overwhelmed by bureaucracy. Yeah, bureaucracy. Read what happens behind the scenes in Our Longest Year in Iraq. Well written. I hope to buy it when read by Gen. Satterfield himself.

    1. Tony B. Custer

      I got my copy Mark and you are spot on with your comment. Our Longest Year in Iraq by Gen. Doug Satterfield sits on my desk and I’m about to read it for the second time.

  8. Dennis Mathes

    It’s great to see Gen. Satterfield back “on board” and to also read that he is making some directional changes. For those who did not notice, see his header that now reads as a subhead, “a blog about leadership and the pursuit of responsibility.” To that I will also add, “seeking the truth.” Now that nails it.

    1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

      😉 I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog in the future. Thank you! And, welcome home from your trip to see your family.

      1. Purse 5

        Otto, I do think we are all on this as well. I’ve been a long time reader and have gain tremendous advantages by following some of the advice given here.

  9. Fred Weber

    I only wish more leadership blogs like this one by Gen. Satterfield would make this kind of change. I’m aware that this leadership blog has already made the transition to target more leadership in general and to show us how also to make our lives better.

  10. Erleldech

    Great news, Gen. Satterfield. I wish you the best of luck with this ‘new’ direction. I say new in quotes because I’ve seen the change already and I like it. Emphsize junior leadership. The senior level stuff was wasted on them. 👍

    1. Rev. Michael Cain

      Yep, good news for us all and congrats to gen. s.

      1. Tony Cappalo

        I’ll second that idea Rev. M. Cain. Always good to get a read-out from you. I agree that we all are better off when the focus is on the basics.


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