Another School Succumbs to Gender Theory

By | September 25, 2022

[September 25, 2022]  Early last week, the Galloway Township Public School formally adopted gender theory into their program for grades K-8.  This was a blow to parents who stood against introducing an unproven, malevolent theory into their schools.  We are seeing this acted out across the nation.

One “Love” t-shirt wearing school board member said that it was important that we respect our students.  It is critical, she said, that we teach kids they know that school is a “safe space,” a sentiment echoed by the school’s Superintendent several times.

Fortunately, we still have public comments and a number of people spoke against the adoption of this pernicious theory.  None spoke in support of it.  I stood up to say that we are introducing an experiment that will have an unfortunate end:

“What you are considering teaches and promotes Gender Theory as a fact and gives a surprisingly large amount of attention to it in the curriculum.  This “theory” – and it is a theory – is wholly untested, forcing schools to conduct an involuntary, school-year-long social experiment on our precious children.”

What will the experiment entail?  What will be the result?  There are many who believe, like I do, that the values being introduced will harm the most vulnerable children it is intended to help.  Sound familiar?  It should.  Just like Affirmative Action has done damage to the higher education goals of many blacks in America.

“The damage teaching Gender Theory will cause is incalculable and will be catastrophic to those most vulnerable and confused.  Any professional scientist conducting such an experiment on children would be rightly accused of gross unethical conduct.  You are poised today to approve it.”

Teach children to be strong, to tell the truth, and adopt responsibility.  Those are the ways to best “respect” children, not coddle their passing fantasies or to indulge the politically motivated.

“Gender Theory teaches and applauds weakness, resentment, and discrimination and corrupts our children’s understanding of life.  The best way to help our children to have a meaningful life is to teach them to be strong and resilient to adversity.  Teach them how to think, write properly, speak plainly, and read well.”

Kids are not stupid and they are not a “blank slate” to teach them anything we want.  There are basic understandings children have.  And, maybe that comes from inborn characteristics connected closely with their sex.  Denying it, serves no one.  Shockingly, kids know when they are being lied to.

“And children know deep down they are being lied to, and when teachers do so, young kids learn that the most “trusted adults” in their lives will lie to them.”

Kids are learning that their teachers will be their moral police and that any disagreement with the new Gender Theory will not be tolerated.

My letter in PDF format is here:

Doug Satterfield Letter to GTPS School Board 9-19-2022


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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30 thoughts on “Another School Succumbs to Gender Theory

  1. Good Dog

    How said that some of the most trusted people in our communities are actually teaching our kids political ideology.

    1. Joe Omerrod

      Got that right Good Dog. They are now indoctrinating young children through their entire curriculum and yet they will deny it until hell freezes over. The best schools in the world are not teaching this garbage.

  2. Robo Cop II

    Nothing like people being sucked in by the on-going propaganda. So easy to slide down that way, requires ZERO thinking.

  3. Lady Hawk

    Another great and timely article. We should all be paying attention. I know we have jobs and family responsibilities but if you sit back and let others control your children, in a year or so the kids will be lost in a horrible world of evil and you will not be able to recover them. Stand up now and reject the woke agenda of schools.

    1. Pumpkin Spice

      Right, Lady Hawk, don’t wait, stand up to them now. And be at every school meeting to express your great displeasure. Don’t let them escape.

      1. Arena of Fools

        … and bring a friend along and give them the “shame treatment” by turning your backs on them. Be polite, be professional but be prepared to tell them all you are ashamed of them. They are the arena of fools.

  4. Army Captain

    “The best way to help our children to have a meaningful life is to teach them to be strong and resilient to adversity. Teach them how to think, write properly, speak plainly, and read well.” best quote of the day. Gen. Doug Satterfield is all over this and he is devastating to listen to, as well.

  5. Pooch T.

    POW, sir, you were over the target and bombed the right place. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing to help get out the word on these crazy places that want to groom our children into being gender dysphoric. Most of the board members don’t even know what it is yet they vote for it. What?? Yep, so true.

    1. old warrior

      Sickening to see public school administrators (so-called leaders) push this agenda. Makes me want to throw up. Someone needs to do some ass kicking.

      1. Colleen Ramirez

        Calling them “leaders” is a misnomer. They should be called what they deserve, “devils.”

  6. Eye Cat

    Gen. Satterfield, once again you nailed it. Thank you for pushing back on this crazy, woke agenda. Even conservatives are going along with it. They are so easily fooled that it makes me sick at my stomach to see them go along “to get along.” The respect issue is something you should write about. Galloway Township – I have a cousin that lives there – used to be such a great place to go to public school. No longer.

  7. American Girl

    Keep up the great work you are doing, Gen. Satterfield to bring sanity back to America. We’re with u. And, we are also standing up and saying NO to those who have become lost in the maze of neo-Marxist progressive ideology that has taken over America. Stand strong.

  8. Scotty Bush

    The Devil is very enticing and your school board fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

  9. Willie Strumburger

    Gen. Satterfield thanks for the great article to let us know you continue the fight to do what is right. Teaching gender theory will cause great harm. The problem is that most of the harm will not be identified until much later and hard to trace back to these school policies as the cause (or at least part of the cause). And every school board member who voted to allow this terrible ideology into your school system now morally owns it.

    1. Dead Pool Guy

      But they will not know it because they are so ‘woke’ that they cannot see what they have become.

  10. The Golly Woman from EHT

    Sir, I’m from Egg Harbor Twp and our school board rejected the states mandated gender theory. Now, they are threatened by fines from the state of New Jersey. Let them come for us. I don’t care. Galloway Twp caved but we didn’t.

  11. Melissa Jackson

    Hi Gen. Satterfield, I’m new to your blog and …. I’m also from South Jersey like you. I’ve seen this too. I go to their meetings and once had the cops called on me and told me to leave because I went “over their time limit.” Now, does that rate calling the cops? Only if they didn’t like my message that I don’t want pornography in the classroom. that’s what they stand for and much more evil.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      Hi Melissa, great to have you here on Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog where he writes about things that make us better. And sometimes it means thinking and acting out about evil where we find it. Don’t hide like a rabbit. Continue to stand up for the children.

      1. Bryan Z. Lee

        Stand for those who cannot defend themselves. That is a noble cause, as Gen. Satterfield has told us many times and he is write.

        1. Colleen Ramirez

          And as it should be but that is not what school boards and woke teachers are doing. THey have a false compassion that fuels their teaching of gender ideology that is highly destructive to the kids and to our families. They are blind to it.

  12. Tracey Brockman

    Woke school boards are everywhere, even in the most traditional minded places in America. Take nothing for granted. Go to board meetings and let them know – politely of course – that you disapprove of their wokeness allowing horrible policies to be introduced.

    1. Laughing Monkey

      You make me laugh Forrest. Keep it up! Oh, BTW, great article today, Gen. Satterfield.


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