Australia’s Victoria Police State Lockdown

By | August 7, 2021

[August 7, 2021]  Parts of the country of Australia is in a police state coronavirus lockdown.  This simple truth is a sad commentary for a nation based on fundamental freedoms that underpin Western democracies.  If government bureaucrats believe you are standing in the way of its “emergency” measure, then your freedoms will be forfeited, and you will be arrested.

Victoria is in its sixth coronavirus lockdown, which was announced just a few days ago by the premier, Daniel Andrews.  More than 6 million Victorians now find themselves living under a stay-at-home order, only 10 days after coming out of their last lockdown.1  But it looks like many are tired of the heavy-handed Soviet-style restrictions.

Protestors gathered in the streets of Melbourne, many without masks, to say they are feed up with government overreach.  The new restrictions include an 8 pm curfew and shopping and exercise limits, including wearing masks outdoors and indoors.  Dan Bongino opined that people in the 1980s Soviet Union had more freedom.

Premier Andrews announced the lockdown in response to two new mystery cases, including one cluster linked to Melbourne’s Al-Taqwa College and has grown to four cases.  Andrews said he had no alternative but to introduce the lockdown as soon as unlinked cases had been detected in the community.

The premier also said Victoria would be “locked down until Christmas, locked down until we get 80% of people through the vaccination program” if outbreaks were not contained quickly.  He was pleased that their federal government had acknowledged that a swift lockdown was the best way to control outbreaks.

And now, the government has called in the army to help enforce new lockdown rules.2  Even the liberal-leaning Human Rights Watch said that the Australian state’s lockdown threatened basic rights and advised Victoria’s parliament to reject new attempts to broaden police powers.

“Rights should be upheld and reinforced during a pandemic, not abandoned,” – Elaine Pearson, Australia director

Police officers can enter homes with neither a warrant nor permission. This is an astonishing violation of civil liberties.  Let us hope that the United States and other nations look to Australia and urge them to abandon their draconian police state once and for all.  With leftist U.S. President Biden, that will not happen.


Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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15 thoughts on “Australia’s Victoria Police State Lockdown

  1. Harry Donner

    Such sad commentary on such a great nation. Too bad that most Australians are subservient to such tryannical actions on the part of their government. I’m proud of those who took to the streets to send a message to those tyrants. But, I’m afraid they will ignore the message.

  2. Max Foster

    Gen. Satterfield, a very sad commentary on the nation of Australia. Should I saw “nation” or “third world hell hole?” When govt officials begin dictating that you must stay home and wear these face diapers, then we have truly gone down the road of tyranny. Next they will have us queuing up for food. Oh, they are doing that too. Fear is amazing. They are controlling us thru fear and intimidation. This is not what democracies do. But hey, follow the United States. We are almost there as well.

    1. Gil Johnson

      Excellent point, Max. Thanks. I think this is obvious to those who are free and want to remain free. For those who support this type of lockdown and tyrannical behavior, be leery of what you wish for.

  3. old warrior

    This is why I’m loading up on ammo. There is going to be a revolution against tyranny soon in the West and I want to be prepared. Time to kick some booty.

    1. Pooch T.

      Me too. I bought a 9mm pistol and AR15. I paid too much for them but worth the money to protect my family from rioters like BLM and antifa (both anti American, terrorist organizations) that are coming for you.

  4. E.T.

    America is headed in the same direction. Even with coronavirus cases way below what it was last year at this same time, Biden is considering another lockdown. He is using a discredited medical study from India as justification. What? How crazy is that guy anyway? He doesn’t care, he has his police protection and red carpet that Hollywood types swoon over.

      1. Guns are Us

        Yeah, ET. go for it. This is not just sad and scary but motivated me to go out and buy more guns and ammo.

    1. McStompie

      I sure hope not. I live in Nevada and plan to head to Texas later this year. I’m getting out because too many Californians are bringing their neo-Marxist, anti-Democratic thinking to where I live. Why don’t they just move to Cuba or North Korea. For Christ’s sake, don’t tear down America. Go someplace you love. Russia or China would be nice this time of year.

  5. Gil Johnson

    I always believed that being on the side of freedom would win out over heavy handed police state tactics. I still do.

  6. Eduardo Sanchez

    Very sad indeed. I feel a great loss when such a great nation like Australia starts down the Marxist path.

    1. Doug Smith

      Yes and I have friends who live there. They want to get out. But where would they go. The US under Biden-Harris is headed in the same direction. 😢

      1. Greg NH

        Tell them to move to Texas or Florida where freedom is valued. Get out of Australia while you can.

      2. JT Patterson

        Sad is an understatement. I’m horrified at what is happening. Have you read their restrictions? Nuts!!


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