Battle of Brooklyn: August 27, 1776

By | August 27, 2014

[August 27, 2014] On this date in 1776, the first major battle to take place after the United States declared its independence earlier on July 4th was the Battle of Brooklyn. Also called the Battle of Long Island, the two-day battle was the largest of the entire war. Fought in what is today called Brooklyn Heights, the Continental Army was easily defeated by a numerically superior and tactically better British force.

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Map of the Battle of Brooklyn

The British General Howe showed operational genius when he outflanked the entire fledging Continental Army.   Only because General Washington was able to order a retreat into Manhattan and due to a small covering force did the tactic work thereby saving most of the men. The Americans suffered 1,000 casualties to the British loss of only 400 men. Later on September 15, the British captured New York City. The Americans learned a valuable lesson and from that point forward did not fight the British using standard tactics.

Today we honor all those who fought in the War of Independence and to all those who were part of the greatest effort for a small nation to free itself from outside interference.

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