Captured U.S. Army Soldier Controversy

By | June 5, 2014

[June 05, 2014] From Al Emara Studio1 we get pictures and information from what is being called “a captured American soldier” in Afghanistan. What would normally be good news is surrounded in controversy and involves some very emotional responses across the political spectrum. Why?

The fact is there is some mystery on how it came about that the U.S. soldier ended up in the hands of the Afghanistan Taliban. Some claim he is a military deserter and soldiers lost their lives looking for him. Others say differently.

What makes this a particularly difficult problem is the clash between two very fundamental American policies, informal but nonetheless policies.

  • We don’t negotiate with terrorists.
  • We never leave a man behind.

How this works out is anyone’s guess. To add fuel to the fire, the Congress was not informed of negotiations for the soldier’s release, as required by law.

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[1] The Multimedia Department of the Cultural Commission of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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